Cover Collection: Lady Audley’s Secret


Tuesday was one of the most disappointing days of my life – not to mention heartbreaking, maddening and sickening. But after a couple of days of mourning I finally feel somewhat fine thanks to chats with sympathetic friends, intelligent and realistically wary articles (like this one) and just knowing that I am not alone – that millions of people feel the very same way that I do and that we’re not going to be appeased.

And I suppose life goes on, including reading. One of the books I want to read soon is Lady Audley’s Secret. It is currently up for election as one of my book club’s 2017 books for discussion. Voting ends Tuesday so I will know next week if it is selected for us to read or not. If so, I will wait and read it with the group, but if it isn’t selected I want to read it this month. November is my only free month to read what I want before I have to start reading for the next set of presentations I am doing for work, one in March and one in April.

When I do read this novel I will be reading a copy just like that on the top left but I don’t think it’s my favorite from this collection. I really love the drama of the top middle, not to mention the colors – so striking.

Have you read Lady Audley’s Secret? Which cover do you prefer?


Cover Collection: Mansfield Park

man park

Yesterday I bought a Jane Austen themed coloring book and I’ve been having so much fun coloring scenes from all of her novels, choosing colors for Elizabeth Bennet’s dresses, Miss Bates’s ribbons, and Fanny Price’s wallpaper. This diversion reminded me that Mansfield Park is the last of Austen’s novels I have left to read. Though I’ve started it many times I seem to always stall out somewhere around page 80 and never go on. I was so inspired by my coloring, so wrapped up in Austen’s world, that I resolved to start and finally finish Mansfield Park. So last night I found my copy and began reading it before bed – and it is a lovely bedtime companion.

I own the Penguin copy in the upper left, which I think is my favorite out of this collection, though I also like the cover in the upper right.

Have you read Mansfield Park? Which of these covers do you prefer?

Cover Collection: Emma


I started reading Emma on Thursday night out of sheer desperation. I’m suffering from the reading blahs right now and can’t find anything to hold my interest or anything that doesn’t sound like something else (why does so much historical fiction have to employ the dual narrative these days?) so I thought I’d try a classic that I’ve never read all the way through and force myself to stick with it. Later this year it’s the 200th anniversary of Emma‘s publication and it feels like the perfect time to read it. And I’m not having to force anything! I truly do like it and am savoring every paragraph. I guess Jane Austen is just what I needed.

My copy is the one on the top left, but I do love the bottom middle – and how stunning is the bottom left? Which of these covers do you like best?

*I totally and completely forgot that I already posted an Emma cover collection last year – am I losing my mind or what??*


Cover Collection: I Capture the Castle

Untitled design

I started reading I Capture the Castle yesterday and so far find it thoroughly charming. I have seen the film, but I think the book is probably infinitely better as the film wasn’t very good, even not knowing the story beforehand. The copy I own and am reading is quite ugly and not very representative of the tone of the novel so I didn’t include it here. It does have very large print, however, which means I can read it in the bath with my glasses off. If I had a chance to buy a new copy I think I’d purchase the bottom right edition.

Which one do you like best? Have you read I Capture the Castle?

Cover Collection: Testament of Youth

Testament of Youth

1. Virago Press // 2. Virago // 3. Weidenfeld & Nicholson //

4. Penguin Classics // 5. Phoenix //6. Penguin Books Ltd.

I’m in the midst of a small reading slump – I just haven’t found anything lately that ticks all of my boxes or even makes my heart race with pleasure. Thank goodness I still have Testament of Youth in my life. I took a break from it over the last week because I thought I should try to get into a novel, but I think I just need to stick with this until I finish. It’s the only book that feels right at the moment.

I own no. 4, but I really like the combination of Vera Brittain’s photo and the poppy on no.2. Which cover would you want to own?


Cover Collection: Emma

1. Penguin Threads // 2. Pocket Penguin Classics // 3. Vintage Classics

4. Headline Review // 5. Everyman’s Library Classics // 6. Oxford World’s Classics

I’m slowly reading Emma, or trying to, as I am in the most major, epic reading funk of my life. I would say I’m probably in a life funk as well. I’m trying to shake it, but I could definitely use some of Emma’s confidence and self-assurance right now. I think I like #1 best out of these covers. Which one appeals to you? And do you have any strategies for getting out of a rut?

Cover Collection: Frankenstein

Frankenstein Covers

1. Penguin Classics // 2. Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics // 3. Penguin Classics //

4. Oxford World’s Classics // 5. Vintage // 6. Everyman’s Library //

I have read Frankenstein one time in my life and it was not a happy experience. I read it for a British literature class in college and I so disliked the teaching assistant who was assigned to me that I had anxiety over every assignment and struggled to care. I have recollections of liking the book and being fascinated by how it is so different from any of the films made from it, but I still, sadly, think of that condescending, jerky TA when I think of Frankenstein. Maybe I should read it again to banish him from my mind! If I were to read Frankenstein again I think I’d like to own a copy of No. 1 – I love the cover. Which Frankenstein cover do you like?

In other news – my June trip to Italy has been postponed. The friend who I am traveling with had a setback with her childcare arrangements and so we are unable to go next month. I’m disappointed, but we’ve decided to go in October instead – five more months to save money and plan!

Cover Collection: Possession


All covers from Vintage

Possession by A.S. Byatt is one of my favorite books and one of the only novels that I’ve read more than once over the years. I last read it two years ago and, though it didn’t have the same hold over me as it did when I was 20, it was still an engaging and powerful reading experience.

I own a copy of no. 1, but I really do think all of the covers here are gorgeous and perfect for this book. What do you think? Have you read Possession?

Cover Collection: Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey

1. Penguin Clothbound Classics // 2. Vintage Classics // 3. Everyman’s Library //

4. Vintage Classics // 5. Signet Classics // 6. Headline Review

Sunday’s and Nicola’s recentish posts on Northanger Abbey triggered memories of the only time I have read this lovely novel. I was just out of graduate school, living with my parents and unable to find a librarian job. I was pretty discouraged and used books (as always) to cheer me up. Northanger Abbey was one of the bright spots in my life at that time so I’ll always have fond feelings for it.

As for the covers, I like no. 3 best. Which one do you like?

Cover Collection: War and Peace

1.Oxford World’s Classics // 2. Vintage Classics Hardback // 3. Pocket Penguin Classics

4. Penguin Classics // 5. Random House // 6. Modern Library Classics

I have never read War and Peace, but these covers are incredibly enticing and make me want to. I love how ornate and beautiful they are, even the simple Penguin with the woman’s face. If I had to choose one to purchase I’d buy no. 2. I’m really drawn to the colors and the boldness of the font. Have you read War and Peace? Which cover would you pick up in a library or bookstore?

Here’s an ode to big books and a list of 10 long novels that are worth reading.