Cover Collection: Mansfield Park

man park

Yesterday I bought a Jane Austen themed coloring book and I’ve been having so much fun coloring scenes from all of her novels, choosing colors for Elizabeth Bennet’s dresses, Miss Bates’s ribbons, and Fanny Price’s wallpaper. This diversion reminded me that Mansfield Park is the last of Austen’s novels I have left to read. Though I’ve started it many times I seem to always stall out somewhere around page 80 and never go on. I was so inspired by my coloring, so wrapped up in Austen’s world, that I resolved to start and finally finish Mansfield Park. So last night I found my copy and began reading it before bed – and it is a lovely bedtime companion.

I own the Penguin copy in the upper left, which I think is my favorite out of this collection, though I also like the cover in the upper right.

Have you read Mansfield Park? Which of these covers do you prefer?

19 thoughts on “Cover Collection: Mansfield Park

    1. I think it’s the nicest and most subtle of the covers – I’m not sure if I like the more ‘feminine’ covers very well. I couldn’t find a good image of the OWC version or I would have included that too!


  1. The Jane Austen coloring book sounds fun. I’ve been seeing a lot of theme coloring books around lately (like Harry Potter and Dr. Who) and just the other day was saying that Jane Austen would be a good theme for one. I should have known that someone already thought of it!


  2. It’s probably 30 years since I read Mansfield Park – a 1980s hardback. I like the top right cover best.


  3. I like the upper middle cover a lot! And yes, I have read Mansfield Park, I think twice, but not any time recently. I want to reread it but I’m also a little afraid to — I liked it a lot when I read it, and I don’t want to mess that up. I hate it when I don’t like Jane Austen books! It still makes me sad that I don’t love Persuasion and I actively am not crazy about Sense and Sensibility.


    1. Really? Not a fan of Sense and Sensibility? I always say that’s my favorite Austen, but it’s been 15 years since I last read it. Maybe I’m afraid of messing up my Jane Austen experience too!


  4. I like Mansfield Park, but is is probably my least favorite Austen novel. I like the top middle cover.


  5. I first tried to read Mansfield Park as a teenager and couldn’t get into it at all, but I had another attempt a few years ago and enjoyed it. I don’t think it will ever be one of my favourite Austen novels, though. My edition is an old one which you haven’t included here, but I also like the upper left and right covers best.


  6. When I visited the Austen museum in Bath I bought my daughter an Austen paper doll book and we had such fun cutting them out! I love MP because of the theatrical element in it. My favourite cover is the Penguin because it is how I imagine Fanny to look.


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