Paris in July 2016

Paris in July-16 official

It’s almost time for Paris in July! Beginning Friday it’s all things French all the time (because despite the name you can read books set outside of Paris) for those of us who’ve signed up at Thyme for Tea. This event is now in its seventh year which is an amazing run for a blogging event. I haven’t participated in a few years, but I have enjoyed the France-themed books I’ve read in the past so I decided to give it a go again this July. My hope is to read at least 4 books set in France – two non-fiction and two fiction.



One of the novels I’m going to read is The Chateau by William Maxwell. The other novel is still up in the air, but I think it will be The Blessing by Nancy Mitford. As for the two non-fiction titles, I’m awaiting the arrival of two galleys I’ve requested from publishers that are both France-related –  I can kill two birds with one stone by reading for this event and reading ahead for work. I know I should probably read a book by an actual French author so I may ditch The Blessing and choose a translated novel instead – or I can try to add a translated novel to the stack. We’ll see!

Are you participating in Paris in July? Can you recommend any French novels for me to try?

15 thoughts on “Paris in July 2016

  1. I forgot about Paris in July this year, but I’ll see if I can incorporate one or two French books into my reading and take part informally. I hope you enjoy The Chateau and whichever other books you choose to read!


  2. Oddly, I was planning to read some France-related books this July – having totally forgotten about the event. I’ll certainly try to participate! I have Constellation and Girl in the Afternoon waiting on my shelf, and I already read and would like to post about The Sun King Conspiracy.


  3. Liked reading what you’re considering to read yourself, and I’m glad to be introduced to a new title/author. This is such a wonderful event!


  4. I’ve not heard of the Paris in July event before but it sounds lovely. Off the top of my head, the only French author I can think of is Alexandre Dumas – I loved his The Three Musketeers. I hope you enjoy your French inspired reading 🙂


  5. Lovely idea, hope you enjoy the books! If you’re able to get it in time, I’d recommend Peirene Press’s newest, Her Father’s Daughter. It’s by Marie Sizun, translated, about the effects of a POW’s homecoming on his young daughter. It’s also pretty short 🙂


    1. You’re welcome, Jane! It’s kind of a quieter event this year but still as looked forward to. Hope you can get to the books you’ve mentioned.


  6. Oh I wish I had some good recommendations for you – if anything I’ll be following your reading to see what recommendations you have when the month is up.


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