Cover Collection: Lady Audley’s Secret


Tuesday was one of the most disappointing days of my life – not to mention heartbreaking, maddening and sickening. But after a couple of days of mourning I finally feel somewhat fine thanks to chats with sympathetic friends, intelligent and realistically wary articles (like this one) and just knowing that I am not alone – that millions of people feel the very same way that I do and that we’re not going to be appeased.

And I suppose life goes on, including reading. One of the books I want to read soon is Lady Audley’s Secret. It is currently up for election as one of my book club’s 2017 books for discussion. Voting ends Tuesday so I will know next week if it is selected for us to read or not. If so, I will wait and read it with the group, but if it isn’t selected I want to read it this month. November is my only free month to read what I want before I have to start reading for the next set of presentations I am doing for work, one in March and one in April.

When I do read this novel I will be reading a copy just like that on the top left but I don’t think it’s my favorite from this collection. I really love the drama of the top middle, not to mention the colors – so striking.

Have you read Lady Audley’s Secret? Which cover do you prefer?


15 thoughts on “Cover Collection: Lady Audley’s Secret

  1. I have not read this book, but recently purchased it, and am thinking I should bump it up a notch or two on my ever increasing stack of books.
    I agree with you on the top middle cover. And on Tuesday being the most depressing day ever. Hopefully, we can drown our sorrow s in a few good books. 🙂


  2. I’m really not taken by any of those covers but I agree the top middle is the best. I enjoyed reading the book, but from Project Gutenberg.
    We are also devastated by your election outcome, that on top of the Brexit vote is just too much to bear. You can’t call it democracy when people are willing to lie their heads off to get elected. He gives me the creeps.


    1. I think many of us are scared to death and realize that we (well, not me) just elected an autocrat. It’s been hard to concentrate on much else this week, but it is heartening that so many in the UK sympathize with us. What is to become of the USA?


  3. I read this years ago and loved it, so I’m glad you’re still planning to read it even if it isn’t chosen for your book club. I hope you enjoy it – and that you can find some solace in reading. The top middle cover is my favourite too from those six.


    1. I sneaked a peak at the book club voting and so far it doesn’t look like Lady Audley’s Secret is getting many votes. So, I’ll probably be reading it soon. Glad to hear that you loved it!


    1. It is one of the Victorian sensation novels that I only learned about through blogging. It’s definitely not as popular as Dickens or Collins but sounds just as riveting.


  4. I read the last one–the World’s Classic edition. It’s a good book and the best by far that Braden wrote. I prefer the more bland cover to the more intense pre-Raphelite one. It’s a treat to read and one of the tightest most coherent Victorian sensation novels.


  5. I don’t know what you had going on Tuesday, but it sounds like a difficult time nonetheless. I hope you are doing a little better each day.
    I usually have some more free reading time in November too, but for other reasons than presentations, of course.
    I haven’t read Lady Audley’s Secret, but I much prefer the Penguin cover. It is nice, but not over done.


  6. The result was certainly a surprise. Regarding Lady A, I like the Penguin cover which hints at the octagonal room which is central to the plot. Hope you enjoy it.


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