Cover Collection: Testament of Youth

Testament of Youth

1. Virago Press // 2. Virago // 3. Weidenfeld & Nicholson //

4. Penguin Classics // 5. Phoenix //6. Penguin Books Ltd.

I’m in the midst of a small reading slump – I just haven’t found anything lately that ticks all of my boxes or even makes my heart race with pleasure. Thank goodness I still have Testament of Youth in my life. I took a break from it over the last week because I thought I should try to get into a novel, but I think I just need to stick with this until I finish. It’s the only book that feels right at the moment.

I own no. 4, but I really like the combination of Vera Brittain’s photo and the poppy on no.2. Which cover would you want to own?


12 thoughts on “Cover Collection: Testament of Youth

  1. I hope you’re able to get out of your reading slump soon. I read Testament of Youth a few years ago and loved it – the copy I read was #2 but I like most of the other covers too.


  2. Cover art is a large part of the appeal of book browsing – unless we’re talking Persephone and then it’s the endpapers. Numbers 3 and 5 are striking…2 is the one I own.
    I’ve just found out that Helen Humphreys is giving a lunchtime talk at a library in Toronto this Thursday. Bought her latest ‘The Evening Chorus’ yesterday…early indications point to fabulous! Take a peek, perhaps it could help get you out of your slump.


  3. I have #4 myself, but for a memoir like this, I’d prefer one of the covers featuring VB. I’d choose #6. I don’t think memoirs should have images from TV or film versions like #1, because I think it blurs the line between fact & fiction – plus that one plays up romance, when the book is about far more than just her romance with & loss of Roland Leighton – other losses were just as devastating. (Stepping off my cranky soapbox now.)


  4. I agree with you, I would choose number 2, especially after being in London in the fall and seeing the poppy exhibition at the Tower of London. So glad you are reading this book! Please write a review when you are done.


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