Cover Collection: Emma

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I’m slowly reading Emma, or trying to, as I am in the most major, epic reading funk of my life. I would say I’m probably in a life funk as well. I’m trying to shake it, but I could definitely use some of Emma’s confidence and self-assurance right now. I think I like #1 best out of these covers. Which one appeals to you? And do you have any strategies for getting out of a rut?

15 thoughts on “Cover Collection: Emma

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your reading funk. That’s such an awful feeling! I’m also sorry to disagree with you, but #1 is my least favorite, I think it looks a bit like a cartoon. I’m not wild about any of them, actually!


  2. I think 1 and then 5, as at least they’re making some use of colour. The rest are pretty dull. When ‘rutted’ (hmmm. Unfortunate.) I re-read and re-read and re-read until I my palate DEMANDS something new. Also sometimes I think I get stuck just because I have too much choice and don’t know what to do! I hope you find a way out soon.


    1. Thanks, Vicki. I think I’m stuck in many parts of my life right now and it is taking a toll on my reading life. I keep trying to find that one book that will click, though!


  3. I like #3 the best. Vintage has been doing some great covers for a variety of authors lately. I’m stuck in a reading rut, too. I keep starting and stopping books and, though I hate to say it, have been more interested in binge-watching things on Netflix lately.


  4. Michelle

    I too am in the worst reading funk ever. Nothing will hold my attention. Let me know if you find a way out. I need all the help I can get! 🙂 Oh, yes. I like number 5 best. But number 3 is nice too.


  5. Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

    #1 strikes me as more suitable to Anne of Green Gables somehow. #2: interesting hairdo! #3: I find this best design in itself, but is it really “Emma”? #4: trying too hard. #5 and 6: the persistent trend of using random old paintings for classic-book covers has got to stop. Great collection though! I love looking at book covers. (And I hope Emma can help you out of your reading rut. Just thinking about the book makes me want to read it right now.)


  6. AAAAAAAAAA I AM IN A READING SLUMP TOO IT IS AWFUL. I have even read a few books that I really liked, but I can’t seem to find my way into the next one, and I can’t write about the books I’ve been reading, and it is terrible. If you find a way out of yours please let me know! I have no suggestions that are helping me at all.


    1. I’ve tried to take my own advice on this and have failed miserably. Do you think it is summer? Too much social media? I’ve even thought that eating right and exercising might help. I am desperate! I completely sympathize with you and will definitely share if I find a solution.


  7. Ooh, those are some lovely covers! Personally I’m a fan of #5 the most.

    When I read Emma, I read it from the Grammercy edition, which contains all of Austen’s (complete) novels. So because it was such a huge book, with pages that took an age to get through, I really had no sense of how quickly I was progressing. But it turns out I read it pretty quickly!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your life/reading funk! My suggestion for getting through that dense reading rut is to read aloud to yourself. It’s a great way of practicing accents, too. 😀 Also, if you need a change of pace, try listening to a chapter or two on Librivox. That was the ONLY way I made it through Evelina, which in terms of style is pretty similar to Emma. (Incidentally, I do NOT recommend Evelina! Especially if you’re already in a reading funk.)


    1. I love reading aloud so that suggestion really works for me! I am still feeling blocked so I might try listening to something too. That has worked for me in the past. Thanks for the advice – it is much appreciated.


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