Cover Collection: The Warden

The Warden

1. Penguin English Library // 2. Penguin Classics // 3. Oxford World’s Classics

4. Vintage Classics // 5. Dover Thrift Editions // 6. Modern Library

One of my reading goals for 2013 was to read more Trollope because I so enjoyed The Warden when I read it last year. I did make a good start on Barchester Towers, but never finished it and my goal ended up dying. I think it is an excellent one to resurrect for 2014, though – don’t you?

Which cover do you think best represents The Warden? I own no. 6 and I like the key imagery, I think no. 4 is very pretty, but I think I like no. 3 the best. It is a beautiful portrayal of the bond between Mr. Harding and his daughter Eleanor.

I hope all of my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was great – I love spending time with my nieces and nephews, who I rarely see on a day-to-day basis.  My oldest niece is almost 18 and will graduate in May and my youngest niece is just five months old and there are all ages in between.

I will be back later in the week with a Mini Thoughts post – see you then!

Cover Collection: Cranford

1. Dover Thrift Editions // 2. Vintage Classics // 3. Oxford World’s Classics

4. Pocket Penguin Classics // 4. Oxford World’s Classics // 5. Penguin English Library

Like nearly everyone else on the planet, I fell in love with the Cranford TV series when it came out in 2008. I think I’ve watched it four or five times since then and I also enjoyed the sequel. I’ve never read the book, though, and was surprised to see that it is quite a short novella. My edition of the book is no. 2 and also contains Mr. Harrison’s Confessions (which I am currently reading) and My Lady Ludlow. The TV series combined aspects of all three novellas to create the world of Cranford.

Have you read Cranford or the other novellas? Which cover do you like? I really like no. 2 and no. 3.

I hope you all have a marvelous weekend!

Cover Collection: Excellent Women

Excellent Women Collection

1. VMC Designer Collection  // 2. Penguin Books // 3. Plume // 4. Virago Modern Classics //

5. Penguin Books // 6. Pan Books

In honor of Barbara Pym Reading Week this month’s cover collection is of Excellent Women, Pym’s most famous and beloved novel. I own the Plume edition and it is my favorite of these covers. I love the simple vibrancy of its pattern. My second favorite is no. 4. I know a lot of people dislike the VMC covers, but I think they are bright and beautiful. No. 6 on the other hand…gross. Which of these covers do you prefer?

It’s been really wonderful this week to read the numerous Pym posts around the blogosphere. To see one of my favorite authors receive attention, admiration and respect is truly exciting and gives me hope that her books will be read for many years to come.

Here is a list of the Pym books I’ve posted about in the past:

Excellent Women

A Glass of Blessings

Jane and Prudence

Less Than Angels

No Fond Return of Love

Some Tame Gazelle

An Unsuitable Attachment

I plan to read the rest of her novels by the end of the year. What Pym will you read next?

Have a fantastic weekend!

Cover Collection: Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary

1. Penguin Classics // 2. Oxford World’s Classics // 3. Penguin USA //

4. Penguin Drop Caps //5. Vintage Classics // 6. Insel Verlag GmbH

Oh, Emma Bovary! It seems people either hate her or sympathize with her. If I had to choose I would say I am in the sympathize camp because I completely sided with her the first time I read this novel as a teen. The feelings I had for the trapped, bored, insensitive and selfish woman who can never be satisfied will always stay with me, though I’m sure at this age I would find her a wretched little brat.

So, to the covers… I own number 3, but am really drawn to number 6. There is something about the woman on the cover that is so Emma. Which cover do you like and are you a fan of Madame Bovary?

My week has flown by because at work I am hustling to get our summer reading program materials and logistics in order before the chaos starts on May 30. We’ve changed our program this year and so everything is new and unfamiliar and we are all getting up to speed on the rules and regs and hope it all goes smoothly. On top of that there’s been cleaning and preparing to do in the evenings as I’ll have company this weekend. My cousin (who used to live with me) and her sister are coming from Colorado and I am so excited. It will be wonderful.

My reading has taken a nose dive this week, but I did finish The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud last night, which is fascinating, sad and brutal. It is the anti-Excellent Women.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Cover Collection: Death on the Nile

Death on the Nile


1. Harper // 2. Black Dog & Leventhal // 3. Harper Paperbacks // 4. HarperCollins // 5. Penguin Putnam // 6. HarperCollins

I have very fond memories of Death on the Nile because it was one of the first Agatha Christie novels that I ever read. I’ve always had a romantic fascination with Egypt and so this novel really appealed to me when I was about 15 and just starting to read golden age mysteries. I like cover #1 because the colors are beautiful, but #4 also catches the eye. #6 is just magnificent in its 70’s gaudiness. Which cover do you like? What is your favorite Poirot novel?

Here are a few links that you might want to check out this weekend:

Ali from Heavenali is hosting a Barbara Pym Virtual Tea Party on June 2, Pym’s 100th birthday. You can visit the Facebook page to join in!

I was just telling a friend of mine that I wished someone would remake Rebecca – it looks like my wish has been granted.

An interview with the amazing Elizabeth Strout where she recommends that President Obama read Barbara Pym.

A handy map that shows the settings for each Mary Stewart suspense novel.

Enjoy your weekend!

Cover Collection: Tess of the D’Urbervilles

1. Penguin Classics // 2. Oxford World’s Classics // 3. Vintage Orange Inheritance

4. Vintage Classics // 5. Pocket Penguin Classics // 6. HarperTeen

These are very interesting covers and I don’t think I have a definite favorite. I’m leaning toward #5, but I also like #2. I’m intrigued by  the strawberry covers, too, but they don’t quite capture the essence of Tess for me. What cover appeals to you?

My cousin left yesterday afternoon and I did my fair share of crying. She is a wonderful person and it will be hard not being able to see her every day, but she has an exciting opportunity as a nurse in Colorado and I am very happy and excited for her. I have a week off at the end of March and hope to visit her for a few days then and of course there is always Facetime and texting so I will always be in touch with her. Thank you for your comforting words and support!

I am not keeping up with my reading goals very well lately because I have had such a craving for Dorothy Whipple and other Persephone and Virago authors – they are just the best books around and really enrich my life. What is it about these books that speaks to my heart?

And, remember when I told you about my book club? Well, we were supposed to meet Thursday evening, but due to a scheduling mix-up at work I had to cancel at the last minute. We are all dying to discuss State of Wonder so I hope I can reschedule it for sometime soon. What a crazy book!

I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Cover Collection: The Bell Jar

1. Faber and Faber // 2. Faber and Faber // 3. HarperCollins Modern Classics

4. HarperCollins // 5. HarperCollins Perennial Classics // 6. Faber Firsts

I mentioned in my previous post that I have a small obsession with Sylvia Plath and that on February 11 it will be 50 years since she died. It is also 50 years since The Bell Jar was first published in England under the name ‘Victoria Lucas’. Plath used a pseudonym in order to protect her mother from being hurt – the book is very autobiographical and the main character’s mother is not portrayed in a flattering light.

 I own a copy of #4, but I think I like #6 the best. Which cover do you like? Have you read The Bell Jar?

Here are some recent articles published about Sylvia Plath and The Bell Jar:

A new cover of The Bell Jar is criticized (thanks Miss Bibliophile!).

A review of two new Plath biographies.

An interview with Plath’s sister-in-law and literary executor, Olwyn Hughes.

Have a great week! Spring is on its way…

Cover Collection: A Room With a View

1. Penguin Essentials // 2. Vintage Classics // 3. Penguin Books

4. Max Literary Classics // 5. Penguin Classics // 6. Hodder & Stoughton

A Room With a View is one of my favorite novels. I have read it several times and adore the story of Lucy Honeychurch and her love for George Emerson. It is romantic, funny and thought provoking. I think all of the covers here are nice, but I like #2 best. Which one do you fancy?

Here are some links for your Sunday browsing:

A profile of Ayana Mathis, the author of Oprah’s new book club book, The Twelve Tribes of Hattie. I am reading it now and it is fascinating.

NPR gives its choices for the best book club books of 2012.

There’s a new book prize coming that will rival the Booker.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Cover Collection: To Kill a Mockingbird

1. Warner Books // 2. Arrow Books // 3. Vintage Classics

4. HarperCollins // 5. William Heinemann // 6. HarperPerennial

Yesterday I saw To Kill a Mockingbird at the theater and it was sublime. It was just as wonderful as I’d remembered and Gregory Peck is magnificent as Atticus Finch. I haven’t cried so much in a film in ages! It is a truly remarkable film so in honor of it and the excellent book it is based on I present some of the striking covers I found of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel. Do you have a favorite? I think I like #5 the best.

Here are some links that caught my eye this week:

These yarn ball bookmarks are so sweet! I foresee many of my friends and family receiving these in their stockings.

I love these golden close-up photos of plants and branches.

Wouldn’t this be perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas dessert?

I am working this weekend, but I do get five days off next week for Thanksgiving so I’m not going to grumble too much. Thankfully, my reading is back on track and I am enjoying another Barbara Pym.

I still can’t change the settings that will allow you to enter your blog into the comments section so if you want to include your blog name after your name that would be great. I hope I’ll be able to change this soon.

Happy reading and happy weekend!

Cover Collection: O Pioneers!

1. Oxford World’s Classics // 2. Penguin Classics // 3. Vintage Classics

4. Houghton Mifflin // 5. Signet Classics // 6. Virago Modern Classics

I don’t have much to write about lately, so I am throwing out another cover collection for your enjoyment. I really like all of these covers, but I think my favorite is #6 – I love the skull and the horseshoe. My grandpa has similar decor on his barn so it reminds me of the ranching life. How about you? What cover do you like best?

Here are a few links that caught my eye this week:

I’m glad to see that Sarah Waters also enjoys one of my favorite Persephones.

A profile of double Booker winner Hilary Mantel.

20 classic designs for a home library.

And for something silly – watch Benedict Cumberbatch (star of Sherlock and Parade’s End) dance to Thriller at a wedding.

I hope I will feel up to talking about books again soon. I think the changing seasons and weather are harder on our bodies and brains than we realize. We’ve had several people at the library catch horrible colds and everyone seems to be suffering from a general lack of energy and an overall malaise. I am reading several riveting books right now – The Moonstone, Sister by Rosamund Lupton and Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes. Maybe suspense novels are best when you’re not feeling your best!