Cover Collection: The Warden

The Warden

1. Penguin English Library // 2. Penguin Classics // 3. Oxford World’s Classics

4. Vintage Classics // 5. Dover Thrift Editions // 6. Modern Library

One of my reading goals for 2013 was to read more Trollope because I so enjoyed The Warden when I read it last year. I did make a good start on Barchester Towers, but never finished it and my goal ended up dying. I think it is an excellent one to resurrect for 2014, though – don’t you?

Which cover do you think best represents The Warden? I own no. 6 and I like the key imagery, I think no. 4 is very pretty, but I think I like no. 3 the best. It is a beautiful portrayal of the bond between Mr. Harding and his daughter Eleanor.

I hope all of my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was great – I love spending time with my nieces and nephews, who I rarely see on a day-to-day basis.  My oldest niece is almost 18 and will graduate in May and my youngest niece is just five months old and there are all ages in between.

I will be back later in the week with a Mini Thoughts post – see you then!

10 thoughts on “Cover Collection: The Warden

  1. I like 3 too, for the same reason. Mr Harding’s relationship with Eleanor is such an important part of the story. 4 looks pretty but doesn’t really represent the story.

    I’m glad you had a good Thanksgiving!


    1. Sometimes I like a pretty cover, but it is even better if the cover represents the story. I dislike when covers are visually appealing,but have absolutely nothing to do with the essence of the book!


  2. I’m glad the comment problem is fixed, I can never resist talking about Trollope 🙂 I have a Penguin Classics edition, but the cover shows a building – I’m guessing it’s meant to be the hospital at the center of the story. I agree with you about #3, but I also like #2, which could be Mr. Harding at tea – and also alone, as he is sometimes in the struggle.


    1. I think no 2 is also very representative of the book. Mr. Harding is often solitary and melancholy. The more I think about him, the more my heart aches – poor, misunderstood man!


  3. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I’ve not read the book so the suitability of #3 is lost on me, but judged only on image I like #5 a lot. #4 would likely be the one I owned.


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