Cover Collection: O Pioneers!

1. Oxford World’s Classics // 2. Penguin Classics // 3. Vintage Classics

4. Houghton Mifflin // 5. Signet Classics // 6. Virago Modern Classics

I don’t have much to write about lately, so I am throwing out another cover collection for your enjoyment. I really like all of these covers, but I think my favorite is #6 – I love the skull and the horseshoe. My grandpa has similar decor on his barn so it reminds me of the ranching life. How about you? What cover do you like best?

Here are a few links that caught my eye this week:

I’m glad to see that Sarah Waters also enjoys one of my favorite Persephones.

A profile of double Booker winner Hilary Mantel.

20 classic designs for a home library.

And for something silly – watch Benedict Cumberbatch (star of Sherlock and Parade’s End) dance to Thriller at a wedding.

I hope I will feel up to talking about books again soon. I think the changing seasons and weather are harder on our bodies and brains than we realize. We’ve had several people at the library catch horrible colds and everyone seems to be suffering from a general lack of energy and an overall malaise. I am reading several riveting books right now – The Moonstone, Sister by Rosamund Lupton and Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes. Maybe suspense novels are best when you’re not feeling your best!

17 thoughts on “Cover Collection: O Pioneers!

  1. I haven’t read this book, but so I’m voting on a cover knowing very little about the contents inside 🙂 My first choice would be #4, such an iconic image of a farm, and suggesting wide open spaces. But #2 is lovely as well.


    1. I haven’t read it, either, Lisa, but I loved the covers I found for it! I think #4 is beautiful and so is #2 – I really do like all of the covers for this one.


  2. I really like 3 and 5 but that’s probably because they seem quite European to me. I’ll have to remember that US farms look like 4 when I get around to reading this one. It’s on my classics to read list.


    1. I noticed that books were nowhere to be found in many of those photos, but I liked looking at the decor anyway and imagining where I would put my bookshelves!


  3. I haven’t read o Pioneers! so I don’t know what cover best represents the story, but I do like 4 and 6. I would be most attracted to 2 though.


  4. I think I like #4 the best. It catches a feeling of isolation that the pioneers must have felt. (I haven’t read the book yet, though, so I guess I’m judging a book by its cover!)


  5. #1 calls me the loudest of your sextet, but I have to say that the cover of the original green Virago edition I have in my collection is lovelier.


  6. I’m saying #2, because the vibrant colours grab me. I haven’t talked much about books either, and share that malaise. It’s weird, really, but hopefully as the season continues we’ll get used to it!


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