Cover Collection: A Room With a View

1. Penguin Essentials // 2. Vintage Classics // 3. Penguin Books

4. Max Literary Classics // 5. Penguin Classics // 6. Hodder & Stoughton

A Room With a View is one of my favorite novels. I have read it several times and adore the story of Lucy Honeychurch and her love for George Emerson. It is romantic, funny and thought provoking. I think all of the covers here are nice, but I like #2 best. Which one do you fancy?

Here are some links for your Sunday browsing:

A profile of Ayana Mathis, the author of Oprah’s new book club book, The Twelve Tribes of Hattie. I am reading it now and it is fascinating.

NPR gives its choices for the best book club books of 2012.

There’s a new book prize coming that will rival the Booker.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

22 thoughts on “Cover Collection: A Room With a View

  1. I haven’t read A Room With a View yet but I do have a copy on my shelf and am hoping to read it next year. I’m glad to hear it’s one of your favourite books. The edition I have has a different cover and is not as nice as any you’ve posted here! I think I like #1 and #2 the best.


  2. My copy is a film tie-in, it has Helena Bonham Carter & Julian Sands on the cover – which is fitting, because that was my introduction to E.M. Forester. I’m not sure I’d even heard his name before seeing the film. The covers here are lovely. I’d choose #5 or #2.


    1. I don’t think I’d heard his name, either, before watching the film (which I like just as much as the book). You can’t go wrong with #5 – the Penguin covers are always good!


  3. No 6 looks like a companion to the Howards End I read – I loved the cover and think this one would be much nicer than it looks in an image. Would be my choice or No 5.


  4. A Room with a View is one of those sneaky favorites for me. I always forget about how much I like it. I should put that down for a reread soon. I think I’m in the minority so far and am leaning toward cover #6.


  5. I love A Room with a View as well! It’s such a wonderfully optimistic book – very refreshing! My edition is #5 but I like #1 and 3 best.


  6. I haven’t read this novel either. These are all such lovely covers! I am most drawn to #1 and #6 probably because my favourite colour is purple 🙂


  7. I love this novel, and it’s definitely time for a reread. Cover #1 is my favorite, but #2 is also very appealing. I own a B&N edition not pictured here. Thanks for the links, too!


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