Cover Collection: Frankenstein

Frankenstein Covers

1. Penguin Classics // 2. Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics // 3. Penguin Classics //

4. Oxford World’s Classics // 5. Vintage // 6. Everyman’s Library //

I have read Frankenstein one time in my life and it was not a happy experience. I read it for a British literature class in college and I so disliked the teaching assistant who was assigned to me that I had anxiety over every assignment and struggled to care. I have recollections of liking the book and being fascinated by how it is so different from any of the films made from it, but I still, sadly, think of that condescending, jerky TA when I think of Frankenstein. Maybe I should read it again to banish him from my mind! If I were to read Frankenstein again I think I’d like to own a copy of No. 1 – I love the cover. Which Frankenstein cover do you like?

In other news – my June trip to Italy has been postponed. The friend who I am traveling with had a setback with her childcare arrangements and so we are unable to go next month. I’m disappointed, but we’ve decided to go in October instead – five more months to save money and plan!

10 thoughts on “Cover Collection: Frankenstein

    1. I’m not a huge fan of hot weather either (says someone who lives in a place where it will soon be 115 degrees). I’d much rather go in mild temperatures so that is a good thing about the postponement.


  1. I had the same thought as Jenny about the postponement. I know you’re used to hot weather, but for touring around the cooler weather may be less taxing. I’m sorry for the delay, though.

    As for Frankenstein, I read this in college too – now many, many years ago. I grew up with the movie versions (Abbott & Costello’s was always a favorite). If I were choosing now, I’d go with #1 as well.


  2. I have yet another cover on my copy of Frankenstein, and I was surprised that I did enjoy it,it was different from what I expected. I like number 5 too.
    What a shame about Italy but October will be here in a flash and it’s something for you to look forward to.


  3. I’ve got version 5 – the others are terrifying. My daughter loves this novel, I’m not so keen but I’m fascinated by the life of Mary Shelley.


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