Gudrun’s Tights Fourth Birthday Giveaway! {closed}



Today is the fourth anniversary of Gudrun’s Tights. I had to double-check the date because it feels so much longer than four years – and not in a bad way. I’ve been a bit lax in blogging so far in 2015, but I’m always grateful to know that I have this space to return to when I want to discuss books, reading, England, and all my other passions with my lovely blog friends.

In past years I’ve given away classic novels for my blog birthday but this year I am giving away a contemporary novel that really feels like a classic and truly captured my reading imagination. In Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum, Anna Benz lives a life that so many can only dream of – she has a beautiful home in Switzerland, a handsome, responsible husband and three lovely children . Yet something is missing and so she has sex with strangers as an attempt to spark a flame in her empty heart. When her bad choices finally demand a consequence, her cultivated solitude and passivity leave her no where to turn. This is a blunt, sympathetic and haunting look into the heart of a modern housewife.

If you’d like to enter to win a copy of this most unsettling and memorable novel please fill out this form. The giveaway will close on Thursday, April 30, at 11:59 pm PST. I’ll announce the winner on Friday, May 1.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great week!

Mary Stewart Giveaway {Closed}


Today I’m giving away one copy of Thornyhold, the first of Mary Stewart’s novels that I read and that endeared me to her writing. It is one of her supernatural tales and is full of romance and suspense. Though a bit slower paced than her earlier books it is still lovely and as smart and enchantingly written as her novels always are. You can read my full, gushy thoughts here.

The giveaway is open to all readers whether you’re posting about Lady Stewart this week or not. It will end on Saturday, September 20, at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time and I’ll announce the winner on the last day of MSRW, Sunday, the 21st. Please fill out this form to enter. The winner will be randomly chosen.

How are you getting on with your reading? I’ve almost finished The Ivy Tree and I am loving it.

Third Birthday Giveaway {Closed}


The third birthday of Gudrun’s Tights was actually over two months ago, but I completely let it slip by. I admit that I have been a bad blogger lately, but I’m still here and I’m still reading and I still love the book blogging community. I had a bit of an upset this past week and was feeling really blue. It was the kind of heartache that consumes your existence and makes it hard to see the good things in life. On Friday night I was so, so sad and, in an effort to distract myself, I started reading blogs. And you know what? It worked! I began feeling like myself again. Just being reminded of the things I enjoy in life, the things I am passionate about, made all the difference. And from there I moved on to reading about the new Virginia Woolf exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery and fantasizing about finding a way to make it to London before the exhibit closes. Yes, just back to my normal self. Of course, my heart is still bruised and slightly broken, but these things pass. Thank goodness literature (and people who talk and think about it) is here to sustain us during the hard times. Novels are truly better than any self-help book I’ve ever read.

mountain lion

One of my favorite books from last year was The Mountain Lion by Jean Stafford. It is a powerful coming of age novel set in Colorado and has as a character one of my favorite young girl protagonists of all time. I think this novel deserves much more recognition than it gets and I’d love for everyone to read it, but for now I am giving away one copy of this hard edged, compelling story.

The giveaway is open to anyone from anywhere until Friday, July 18, at 11:59 pm, Pacific Time. One entry per person. I’ll announce the winner next weekend  and also notify them by email.

To enter, please go to the entry form here.

Thank you all for reading and for being passionate and excited about books. You have enriched my life immensely.

Also – Mary Stewart Reading Week is still on the calendar for September 14-21. A badge will be coming next week sometime.

Have a great Sunday!

Reading Green & Giveaway Winner

Reading GreenI’m having a holiday at home this week and have had time to ponder my fall reading. Yesterday I picked out three classics that I’d like to read in the next few months. They all have beautiful varying shades of green in their covers and look very nice together – I think it is meant to be. I also plan to read a couple of big name contemporary novels, The Lowland and The Goldfinch. I like spontaneous reading, but I think I do my best reading when I have a plan. Do you have a fall reading plan?

The winner of the Mary Stewart giveaway is Cynthia D. Congratulations, Cynthia! Send your address to me at gudrunstightsatgmaildotcom and I will get the books in the mail to you this week.

Mary Stewart Giveaway (Closed)

Happy Birthday to Ms. Stewart! How is everyone getting on with your reading? I finished Wildfire at Midnight and am now reading Nine Coaches Waiting. I’m hoping to post my thoughts on Thursday. Stay tuned for possible excessive gushing!


Today, in honor of her birthday, I’m giving away two Mary Stewart books. Madam, Will You Talk? is Stewart’s first romantic suspense novel and was published in 1955. The Crystal Cave is the first book in her Merlin series. Anyone is eligible to enter the giveaway – you don’t have to post a review this week in order to enter. You can indicate on the entry form if you’d like both books or you can choose one or the other if you win. The giveaway is open internationally and closes on Sunday, September 22, at 11:59 pm Arizona time. I’ll announce the winner next week.

Click here to enter.

Mary Stewart posts so far:

The Little Broomstick – Pining for the West

Blossoms + Giveaway Winner

I’ve been enjoying looking at and smelling the blossoms that have popped up around my house lately. The white blossoms are on an oleander tree in my front garden. It is a highly poisonous plant, oleander, but the blossoms are lush and beautiful – almost over the top. The pink and purple blossoms are petunias that my dad gave me for my birthday. I placed the pot on my back patio and I am grateful for them. My tiny yard is otherwise drab and full of weeds so these pretty flowers have cheered me up this week. I hope the heat (we’ve already had triple digits this week!) doesn’t wilt them. I’d really like them to stick around for a while.

Have any blossoms cheered you up lately?

And now for the winner of my 2nd birthday giveaway – I used to generate a number and it choose #5 Sam from Tiny Library!

Giveaway winner

Congratulations Sam! Email me at gudrunstightsatgmaildotcom with your address and I will get the books off to you as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Enjoy your weekend!

Second Birthday Giveaway! (closed)

giveaway photo

Today is the second anniversary of the creation of Gudrun’s Tights! I remember sitting down two years ago and thinking how fun writing this new blog would be, but also had serious doubts as to whether anyone would read it. Well, I still think it is fun (despite occasional lapses), and there are people who read it – and that always amazes me! Thank you for reading and for visiting my little space on the big wide web. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know all of you and cherish every comment. My life really wouldn’t be the same without this blog and the people I’ve met through writing it.

I’m giving away two books by two of my favorite authors for GT’s birthday- Crampton Hodnet by Barbara Pym and This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart. Please go to this link to enter the drawing and indicate whether you’d like only one of the titles if you win or both (I know some people might already have copies of these). The giveaway is open internationally and closes at 11:59 pm, Pacific Standard Time, on Thursday, May 2. The winner will be announced on Friday, May 3.

Thanks for visiting today – have a great weekend!


A Christmas Memory Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! It is my pleasure to spread a little Christmas cheer and I hope, even if you didn’t win, that you’ll find a copy of A Christmas Memory at a library or bookstore to read during the holidays. And now, on to the winner. Congratulations to:

Lisa, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! Email me with your mailing address and I will get it into the mail next week.


Have you heard of #ShareAdvent? The Skin & Blister blog has started this really thoughtful advent activity calendar that prompts readers to participate in a different activity for every day of the Christmas season and then to share what you’ve done on Twitter and Instagram:

I love this idea and plan to do as many of these as I can during December. I think it is a great way to focus on simple pleasures during this hectic and stressful month. If you’re interested visit Skin & Blister to sign up!

Have a great weekend!


A Christmas Memory Giveaway (Closed)

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and it is now acceptable (here in the States) to acknowledge that Christmas is coming! One of my favorite traditions of the holiday season is to read holiday-themed books. One of my most beloved stories is A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote. A Christmas Memory is a bittersweet story that I try to read every year during the holidays. It is told from the viewpoint of a child, Buddy, and recounts his memories of his Christmases in Alabama during the 1930′s. Buddy and his cousin, whom he calls ‘my friend’ throughout the story, embrace the traditions of the season by scraping together all of the money they can find to buy ingredients to make fruit cakes. They make them for friends, family and even President Roosevelt. They also find joy in harvesting their own tree and making presents for each other. This autobiographical tale takes the reader back to a simpler time and introduces us to the unforgettable character of Buddy’s cousin, who was based on Capote’s real relative, Miss Sook. This is a gem that I highly recommend.

This year I am giving away a beautiful copy of this timeless story to one Gudrun’s Tights reader. The lovely illustrations are by Beth Peck and there is a CD included with the story narrated by Celeste Holm.

Please enter the giveaway at the form HERE. The giveaway is international and open until midnight, Arizona time, on November 29. One entry person. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced next week.

Let the Christmas Season begin!