Forgotten Photos from England

I took two cameras on my trip to England back in October – my primary camera and my backup camera. On the day we went to Westminster Abbey, the Churchill War Rooms and Kensington Palace I was very glad to have that backup. My number one camera failed to charge the night before (user error I’m sure) so I pulled out my second camera and didn’t have to miss taking photos that day. As you can see it was a pretty grey and rainy day and I ended up not taking as many photos as I usually do as I was huddled underneath an umbrella trying to stay dry. And that might have been why I forgot that I had these at all. I downloaded a few when I got back, but just remembered on Saturday that I had more on this camera than I had thought. I thought I’d share them here to remember what I lovely time I had and as a reminder to start being more frugal so that I can afford to go again next year.









5 thoughts on “Forgotten Photos from England

  1. The Churchill War Rooms look great! That was the one thing I missed when I went to London for the first time and saw all the sights. I missed it out to go see The Tempest at the Globe — no regrets, it was a great performance, but I would like to go back sometime and visit the Churchill War Rooms.


    1. Yes, there were small interludes (15 mins. or so) when the sun would break out. It was hard to know whether to put your umbrella away or not.


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