My Reading Life Lately

I know I haven’t been around the blog much in the past few months and I miss it. I honestly don’t know why my posts have dwindled off, but I suspect it has something to do with my new reading habits. Back in April I decided to really devote myself to reading galleys, participating in the LibraryReads nominating process and to becoming a well-rounded readers advisory expert in my library system. This means that I’m not reading the type of books that I’ve read in the past or the authors that I normally devote myself to. Also,  I’ve been reading books about 2-3 months in advance of publication and find that many publishers, when granting access to a digital galley, ask that you not write about the book until 1 month before the book is released. As I’m not a very organized person when it comes to scheduling blog posts I completely forget all about writing about a book that I read 2 months ago when its publication date is near.

Though I love reading new books and am pleased with the difference it’s made in my approach to my job and my satisfaction in fulfilling my duties as a librarian, I don’t want to abandon this space or stop reading my true loves (all those Persephones, Viragos, and other British classics). So I just need to find a way to have better balance in my reading life and to incorporate all of my interests into the mix. I also want to write reviews for the new books I’m reading so I can not only share my opinions with you, but remember them better when I suggest them to patrons. Overall, returning to posting on the blog on a regular basis will be a good thing!

And I also hope to set aside time every week to catch up on my blog reading.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and here’s to a lovely week to come!

13 thoughts on “My Reading Life Lately

  1. Lovely to see you posting again! I don’t recognize most of the authors of those books, so I’ll look forward to your reviews, and probably be adding some of them to my reading list. I can understand it’s hard to find that balance, especially when you are reading for work.


    1. Yes, the balance thing is difficult! I feel guilty these days if I read something that’s not for work, unfortunately. But I’m going to try to shake that!


  2. Welcome back! Sounds like you’ve a good plan; certainly having a schedule of sorts, where you’re reading the different ‘types’ of books will help you get to more of everything. Your work plans sound pretty good, too 🙂


  3. Lovely to hear from you Anbolyn, and look at all those shiny, new galleys! I am pleased you have been enjoying your reading and adding to your work. I hope you are able to get back into the blogging routine.


  4. It’s good to see a new post from you, Anbolyn. I hope you can find a balance you’re happy with. I’m curious about those books in your pictures – I’m only familiar with two or three of the authors!


  5. Hullo, good to see you back! I sympathize with your problem re: galleys. If I don’t write and schedule a post for an ARC within a few days of finishing it, I’ll usually forget all about it. I keep casting guilty glances at Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning, which I was meant to review in like February. :/


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