Weekend Cooking: Broccoli Cheese Mini Pies

broccoli piesI’ve never done a Weekend Cooking post before, but when I put the above photo on Instagram a few days ago (I’m kinda, sorta back to social media) JoAnn suggested that I make a post out of it and I thought, ‘Why not?’ I love sharing good, easy recipes with others who may be looking for the same kind of no-fuss cooking that I am.

My library had a potluck this week and the theme was PIE. I didn’t want to bring a dessert pie as we usually have an abundance of sweets and not enough savory dishes. After searching online for a while I decided to make these really easy mini pies that you cook in a muffin tin. No, they are not gourmet and not fancy. But they are scrumptious! It’s a Betty Crocker recipe and I made a couple of adaptations – no chicken as my boss is a vegetarian and I used fresh broccoli instead of frozen.

When I put them out on the table on Wednesday morning they gleaned lots of interest and were gone within an hour. A successful and, I think, repeatable dish which is wonderful as we have tons of potlucks at work and I now have another dish to add to my rotating repertoire.


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16 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: Broccoli Cheese Mini Pies

  1. Those do look delicious – and I agree with Katrina, potlucks are great. We had a Thanksgiving potluck at work – not all traditional foods, but really good. I looked at the recipe & was glad to see suggestions for other vegetables, since broccoli and I don’t get on.


    1. Do you have any good potluck dishes to share? It’s hard coming up with ideas sometimes!
      I think these would be good with a variety of things in them – spinach would be great.


  2. OMG! These looks super and perfect for a potluck. In fact, I have a holiday potluck this coming weekend and I’m going to make these. Thanks so much for sharing the reipe.


  3. Ooh, those look like the perfect potluck recipe. I did potatoes au gratin for my work potluck this past weekend, but I made them a smidge too peppery and undersalted them a tad. Not my finest work. I’ll do better next time.


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