Sunday Bulletin – November 23


Yesterday I went in to work for a few hours to set-up a program on container gardening. We have an entire sustainability series at my library which I normally don’t have much to do with, but our two staff members who run the series were both on vacation so I was asked to fill in. And I’m so glad I did. My new found love of plants and gardening was really enhanced by learning about creating a beautiful garden using containers. As I don’t have a yard this is perfect for me. The class was taught by Master Gardener Cherie Czaplicki and she was wonderful. We learned all about the challenges to gardening in Phoenix and how to overcome them. And I left the class with my own starter plant – an elephant’s foot succulent. I can’t wait to buy some pots, plants and soil and start gardening!




This was probably the highlight of my week as I had some unpleasant things going on otherwise such as a heated argument in my book club that almost led to a member quitting, horrible allergies and an incredibly painful tailbone situation.

Books finished this week:

The Solitary Summer by Elizabeth Von Arnim – In this sequel to Elizabeth and Her German Garden, Elizabeth decides to spend a whole summer alone with her family and her garden – no visitors, no house parties. Her husband, The Man of Wrath, doesn’t think she can last a whole summer without people, but she manages to get along just fine even though she does have a few unwanted visitors who interrupt her peaceful idyll. I enjoyed this book, though it is quite thin on plot. Most of the book is Elizabeth’s musings on plants, books and reading, her children and philosophy. It is very amusing and very lovely – just the kind of book for a week when you are feeling low. Von Arnim always makes me laugh and makes me think – two things I highly esteem.


Is anyone else on Librarything? I noticed that the Persephone group there is not very active. If anyone wants to join the group to discuss all things Persephone you can go here.

Have a great Sunday!

16 thoughts on “Sunday Bulletin – November 23

  1. I’m sorry you had such a rotten week. It doesn’t seem fair that you’ve had to cope with allergies & a tailbone problem (which I’ve heard can be excruciating). But I’m glad it ended well! The program sounds fascinating. I don’t have a yard either, but I can’t have a lot of plants in the house because the cats attack them, and I only have one high shelf that gets enough sun.

    Hopefully you get a break over Thanksgiving?


    1. My cats attack plants too so I have to keep them on a shelf in my kitchen which they never seem to show interest in. I’m also going to put some on my patio and shoo the cats away.
      The tailbone thing is horrible! I’m looking into going to a chiropractor as I’ve heard there isn’t anything a traditional doctor can do.
      I do get three days off for Thanksgiving, but I’m working the weekend so I don’t get a long weekend. That’s okay, though – I’ll get three days off the first weekend in December.


  2. I’m sort that you’ve had such a difficult week, and I’m glad that you have such a lovely book to escape into.

    The Persephone group on Librarything does tend to be quiet, because there is such an overlap with the Virago group and most of the discussion happens in that group.


    1. Good to know that I can also talk about Persephone titles in the Virago group – thank you!
      Books always do make things better. This week I am relying on Von Arnim again – she is fantastic.


  3. I find that anything to do with plants and gardening is very relaxing, so great for de-stressing or cheering you up when you feel down. I hope that this week coming is a better one for you!


  4. I am sorry to hear you had a difficult week. I’m pleased to hear you found a book that soothed you and then had that lovely program to cheer you up too. I wouldn’t call myself green fingered but I do love plants. I have squeezed four potted plants into my bedroom. I hope this is an easier week for you 🙂


    1. Plants are wonderful, aren’t they? There’s just something electric about having a bit of nature inside the house.
      This week should be better with Thanksgiving on Thursday – it is one of my favorite holidays.


  5. When I have a bad week, I often pick up “Excellent Women” by Barbara Pym. It usually cheers me up. And thanks for the tip about Von Arnim’s book. I will look for that one. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Lovely plant post! Sorry you’ve been low. We had a row in our book group, too, and one member left. Shame, and it wasn’t even about a book but something else! These things happen.


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