New Arrivals

I’ve had a very relaxing weekend with a stroll through a large and mesmerizing antique store and dinner with a friend on Saturday and doing absolutely nothing but try to read and lounge around the house today.

Despite being in a massive reading slump I have still bought books, maybe in the hope that I would be inspired to actually read one of them. Here are my recent arrivals:

Ladies of Lyndon


The Ladies of Lyndon by Margaret Kennedy – I bought this shortly after learning about the Margaret Kennedy Reading Week coming in October. I’ve never read Margaret Kennedy and I am looking forward to experiencing her work for the first time.

Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust – I’ve never thought I wanted to read this before, but Mimi Thorisson, a woman I highly admire, wrote about it on her blog a while ago and she made it sound enchanting and something I now must read.

Here Be Dragons


The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen – Another addition to my Elizabeth Bowen collection.

Here Be Dragons by Stella Gibbons – I’m still reading and liking Westwood and I know I will want to read another of her novels at some point so I snatched this one up. Don’t you love the cover?

Mrs. Bridge


Mrs. Bridge and Mr. Bridge by Evan S. Connell – I’ve always heard wonderful things about these two novels so I couldn’t pass them up when I saw them in my library’s used book sale.

What have you purchased lately?

Mary Stewart Reading Week starts just three weeks from today!

17 thoughts on “New Arrivals

  1. Oooo, these al look good! I’ve not purchased anything recently, mainly because I know how many pre-orders I made that will come to my Kindle come September. That shall be a poor month for me.


    1. I forget that you can pre-order eBooks! I usually just check new books out from the library, but it would be nice to have them appear on my device the minute they’re released.


  2. They all look good! I’ve never read Margaret Kennedy, but am very curious. There is a copy of Mrs. Bridge on my shelf from a library sale a few years ago. Love the cover of Elizabeth Bowen’s collected stories. Enjoy.


  3. I’m absolutely loving those two books Fleur/Jane recommended – Mona and True Love’s Reward by (Mrs) Georgie Sheldon, and best of all, they were free ‘purchases’. I have the Bridges books in an omnibus – they sound fabulous, so I don’t know why they are sitting on the shelf unread thus far. Too much choice, I suspect.


    1. Jane always recommends the most wonderful books – I love her reading taste. I think we are all just completely spoiled when it comes to our reading choices!


  4. I remember Here Be Dragons is about opening a tea shop – one of my favorite kinds of stories (any small business really, but tea & cakes are a bonus). I bought a copy of The Ladies of Lyndon last week as well, though I was lucky to find a used copy – though it isn’t as nice a cover as the Vintage reprint. I’ll admit, I’ve always been intimidated by Proust (only reading about him).


    1. Here Be Dragons sounds good to me but it hasn’t impressed many of our fellow bloggers – I’ll give it a go anyway, I think. I’m intimidated by Proust, as well, but I do like to try those intimidating authors even if I end up not really liking them. We’ll see…


  5. I love those Vintage editions. I have The Ladies of Lyndon in Virago – though I agree with Lisa that the new edition is prettier – and that particular Stella Gibbons is high on my wishlist. At the moment I’m reading a crime novel while I wait for Edith Olivier reissues to arrive at the end of the week.


  6. I also have The Ladies of Lyndon as a recent arrival – isn’t the cover gorgeous? I’d be happy to add the rest of your books to my shelf as well. Hope something will help to restore your reading enthusiasm.


  7. I haven’t purchased anything lately but oh how I have been craving a good bookshop visit. I want to buy a shiny new hardcover and read it all in one sitting. That is the kind of mood I am in. Your new purchases look beautiful!


  8. I have purchased books lately, but I couldn’t find a Mary Stewart and a Margaret Kennedy. So I think I might just go online and indulge that way. I will never be ready for the Mary Stewart reading week otherwise.

    And it will be nice to have some books to look forward to being on my doorstep now I am back at work.


  9. I haven’t purchased any books lately as I have a big stack of books to be read on my nightstand. I am almost finished with The Secret History by Donna Tartt and I am so happy to hear you are flying through the new Ian McEwan. That will probably be my next purchase. Glad to hear your slump is over!


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