Nearly every evening around dusk ominous clouds like the ones above dramatically appear on the eastern horizon and slowly yet noticeably sweep into the metro Phoenix area. They bring heavy winds that suck up the dust that lays across the Sonoran desert and the sky fills with a brown curtain of dirt that masks the clouds. Visibility dramatically decreases and rush hour becomes filled with adventure as drivers try to make it home before the storm descends. The storms are violent and short, but bring much-needed rain to our parched desert. This is the only real weather that central Arizonans see during the year so we avidly watch the skies and the dew point waiting for the black clouds and the right percentage that signal monsoon season.

Perhaps the monsoon is providing me all the drama and plot I need for I haven’t read much lately and the only book I’ve finished this month is Frances & Bernard. I didn’t even finish the book club book for the month – I always feel so negligent when that happens. I’ve started quite a few books, but not much has captivated me. I am almost finished with Brideshead Revisited which I have truly enjoyed and yesterday I picked up Westwood by Stella Gibbons and find it enchanting so hope is not lost. I believe I’m just extra picky this month. I want books that are meditative with descriptive writing and subdued humor and nothing else will do.

Does the weather affect your reading habits and tastes?


11 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Great atmospheric photo! I assume it is also hot and humid at this time of year? Humidity is my weather bugbear: so tiring. I can happily read through cold (we don’t get proper cold here) and extreme heat (lots of that). I hope your reading mojo returns soon.


    1. Yes, hot hot hot and off and on humid. This week the humidity is quite low thank goodness. We don’t get proper cold here either, but I do love snuggling up with a good book on cold mornings.


  2. Wow, that is quite a picture – and that happens every night? Are your cats afraid of storms? My younger one is, even of the sound of heavy rain.

    I get headaches sometimes as storm fronts move through, which definitely affects my reading. Right now I’m finding it hard to concentrate – I don’t know if it’s the heat & humidity. I’m going to try some non-fiction – oddly, it’s sometimes easier to read than fiction.

    I read Laura Ingalls Wilder to get through the power outage yesterday. She always reminds me how easy we have it today.


    1. It happens almost every night – so far this week, though, we haven’t had even a hint of a storm. My cats don’t seem to be bothered so that’s good. They’re more afraid of the vacuum cleaner!
      I can’t believe you had such a long power outage! That must have been hard. Laura Ingalls Wilder sounds like a good author to put things in perspective.


  3. A cold rainy day here in the UK will have me reaching for a blanket, cup of tea and a long novel. Nothing like losing yourself in a good book as you listen to the rain on the windows. When it is sunny I am more likely to be more social able as who knows how long the good weather will last here.


    1. The sound of the rain on the windows while reading is heavenly. I wish we had more rain so I could hear it more often. I can see why you’d want to spend all your time outside on those sunny days!


  4. I never thought about it before, but the books on my shelf do rotate according to the season, with perennial favorites like “Howard’s End” in the spring, “Merde Actually” in the summer, and Edgar Allen Poe in the fall. And for me, there’s nothing better than a rainy day with a book. I only wish we had more of those here in Oklahoma.


  5. I am not sure if the weather influences my reading or not. On the most beautiful summer days I have been rereading Howards End. I would have thought that would be a book for the fall. Though maybe that does make sense. So much of the book is about the love of England and I am planning a trip to England. I am very intrigued by Frances and Bernard. So glad you have written about it. I will have to get a copy!


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