February Bake: Banana-Chocolate Bread


On Sunday afternoon I got a hankering to stir up some flour, eggs, sugar, butter and other good stuff and bake a little treat. For inspiration I turned to my Pinterest Nectarous Nibbles board and picked a recipe that I had recently pinned from Martha Stewart Living, Banana-Chocolate Bread. I am a huge fan of banana bread, but have never made my own before. This recipe was quite easy and made very delicious, moist bread, but there was one little problem with it – the chocolate!


I think the recipe called for far too much chocolate or I just don’t like chocolate in my banana bread ( I think it’s mostly the latter). I would make this recipe again because the bread part was scrumptious, but instead of chocolate I would add walnuts. Heaven.

The chocolate didn’t stop me from eating and sharing this bread, but it wasn’t my favorite.

Do you like banana bread? What do you think about the banana/chocolate combo?

*Update: I had a piece for a snack this morning and it was fantastic! The chocolate was not as gooey and overwhelming as on day one or two. Highly recommended on day three!*

12 thoughts on “February Bake: Banana-Chocolate Bread

  1. Bananas + chocolate = WIN for me!! It’s one of my favorites. One of my favorites is a banana cake from Dorie Greenspan’s book Baking: From My Home to Yours. I make it in a bundt pan and add chocolate chips (I like Guittard or Ghirardelli). It’s wonderful and never fails me — also better the next day.


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