Sunday Bulletin 2/9

Blooming Sweet Acacia Tree
Blooming Sweet Acacia Tree

The best thing about this past week was that I finally picked up steam in my reading again and it’s all due to making a plan. Once again, I’ve learned that I read more and better by making a reading list and following it scrupulously. I finished Mrs.Tim Carries On (brilliant) and am almost finished with Guard Your Daughters. It feels so nice to be reading again.

At work I listened to an inspiring webinar on readers’ advisory that is going to guide my reading for the rest of the year. Classics are my favorite genre and I would read them exclusively if I didn’t feel a duty as a librarian (and it is something I do get paid for) to keep up with contemporary literature of all types. I will fit classics in, but you might see a bit more variety in the books that I feature here.  I was also approved to start the Big Book Discussion and I’m taking the opportunity to read a classic for work. The first book we’re going to discuss is Bleak House. I broke the reading up into fairly equal thirds and the discussions will run from March – May. Let’s hope I’m not the only person who shows up at the first discussion!

Have you watched any of the films nominated for the Academy Awards? Last week, despite the current controversy surrounding its director, I watched Blue Jasmine. Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins are nominated for Best Actress and Best Actress in a  Supporting Role for the film. I’m not much of a movie goer these days so I watched it at home on DVD and thought it was good – not a film that astonished me or significantly moved me, but it had a quiet sadness that lingered in my mind. Cate Blanchett plays a woman out of touch with reality with a subtle genius that completely absorbs you. The film has a flashback structure that really works well and helps to intensify Jasmine’s spiral into mental illness. I doubt I will watch any of the other nominated films before the ceremony, but at some point I’d like to see Gravity, Twelve Years a Slave and Nebraska.

Have a great Sunday and happy reading!

14 thoughts on “Sunday Bulletin 2/9

  1. I’m glad you’ve found books to connect with again – it’s a lovely feeling when something finally clicks, isn’t it? I felt like I should read some non-fiction, and I do have something I want to read, but I can’t settle down to it, so I think I’ll look for something else. I can’t stick to reading plans, though. But I’ve found that if I make a little stack of books that I think I’ll want to read next, that usually works. Have fun with Bleak House!


    1. For some reason I have to write down my list of books – just having them in a stack doesn’t mean anything in my head. I worked on my list for the next two months today and feel a sense of relief that I don’t have to think about my reading for a while.
      I hope Bleak House is as good as the TV adaptation!


    1. Did you like American Hustle? It doesn’t appeal to me very much. I have enjoyed several Woody Allen films, though I can’t call myself a fan. Midnight in Paris was quite good, I thought.


  2. I’ve been trying to watch the Oscar nominees too. I saw American Hustle, Philomena, and Dallas Buyers Club, and I watched Blue Jasmine on DVD (I also have Before Midnight which I haven’t watched yet). Dallas Buyers Club simply blew me away — the acting was great and the story was pretty heartbreaking. I never cared much for Matthew McConaughey before but he was amazing in it. I also want to see Nebraska and Twelve Years A Slave, but I keep putting it off because of the subject matter.


    1. I really dislike Matthew McConaughey, but it sounds like he’s really gone in a different direction with his career lately – that is always exciting to watch. I think Twelve Years a Slave will be very hard to sit through, but it sounds like it is worth it.


  3. Interesting – I’m just picking up steam with reading again too, but I’m going for the approach of abandoning things I “ought” to read, and reading stuff I actually want to read! Working at the moment as I’ve got through more books in the last week than the previous month…


    1. The oughts can really derail your reading can’t they? I allow myself to abandon a book if I don’t like it after 50 pages and move on to the next book on my list. I never make myself read anything I absolutely hate!


  4. Nancy

    A reading plan? I do have a list of books that I would like to reread someday, but a reading plan for new books might be too much like homework. Well, I did love your Mary Stewart Reading Week. Let me think on it after I finish reading “The Cat Who Played Brahms”. P.S. I don’t do Oscar movies until years later, if then.


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