Mary Stewart Reading Week

Mary Stewart RW

It’s nearly August and time to start planning for Mary Stewart Reading Week! MSRW will be from Sunday, September 15 to Sunday, September 22. Appropriately Ms. Stewart’s 97th birthday falls during this time (on the 17th). What better way to celebrate her birthday than by reading her books?

I envision this as a low key event with any interested bloggers writing a post about any Mary Stewart book of their choosing during the week. I am partial to her romantic suspense novels, but I know many others are interested in reading her Merlin series and that would be wonderful, too. She also wrote a few children’s books.

By now you probably all know how I feel about her writing, but if you’re new to Gudrun’s Tights you can read my thoughts here. You can also consult any of the following resources for more information about her writing, her novels and her life:

Mary Stewart: A Born Storyteller

An Interview with Mary Stewart

Which Mary Stewart Novel Should You Read?

I hope you will join me in September to celebrate the novels of Mary Stewart.

34 thoughts on “Mary Stewart Reading Week

  1. I’m very much looking forward to it! I’m reading Nine Coaches Waiting right now, and in the back of my mind I’ve been thinking, “Maybe I should have waited,” but I do now have a Stewart section on the TBR shelves, so I’ll have plenty to choose from for the official reading 🙂


      1. The quiz suggests I should read Touch Not the Cat, but I don’t have that one yet. Oh darn, that means another trip to the bookstore 🙂


      2. Oh, forgot to add I do have The Ivy Tree, Airs Above the Ground, This Rough Magic – and the one set in the Hebrides, I can’t remember the title.


      3. You own all the ones I haven’t read yet! I can’t decide which one I am going to read for the reading week – maybe This Rough Magic since I have read and loved the other two Greek books.


  2. I will definitely be joining in. I’m not sure which of her novels I’ll be reading. Nine Coaches Waiting and The Moonspinners are the two of hers that I most want to read, but I recently picked up a copy of Thornyhold at a used book sale that seems intriguing as well.


    1. Thornyhold was the first Stewart novel I read and I really liked it. It is a bit different from her earlier novels and has a subtle supernatural aspect that I enjoyed.


  3. I’ll definitely be joining in and just need to decide which book to read. I’ve just finished This Rough Magic and kept thinking that maybe I should have waited until the reading week. There are still lots of other Mary Stewart novels I haven’t read yet though, so I’ll choose another one to read in September.


  4. Should be fun! It is quite enjoyable to read the same author as others at one time. I have not read Mary Stewart, but have wanted to. I am planning on starting with Touch Not the Cat.


  5. Thank you for organising this event, Anbolyn! I’ve only read Nine Coaches Waiting by her. I really enjoyed the book. The quizz told me I should read The Ivy Tree but I think I might be one of the few to pick her Arthurian trilogy. I see it recommended everywhere I go and I’ve been really in the mood for fantasy lately. Hopefully that’s alright with you. If not, then I already have This Rough Magic in my TBR pile and would be happy to read that instead.


      1. Anbolyn, I’m so sorry to say that I won’t be participating in the event after all. I’ve been trying to find one of her books to read but none of them grabs me and I don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future. I’m giving you a signal boost on my blog anyway and I really wish this event the absolute best 🙂


  6. I’m looking forward to this celebratory week! It will be fun to read all the different posts about her books! I read Thornyhold in August, and I’ve checked The Ivy Tree out of the library to read for your Mary Stewart Week. Thanks for organizing this…I’ve loved her work for many years.


  7. Kim

    I finished Madam, Will You Talk? last night in honor of The Week. I thought I had read them all as a teenager, but I had no recollection of this one. What a corker! I couldn’t read fast enough–actually, I felt like I was reading as fast as Charity’s driving! Thanks for hosting this week. I am so enjoying reading her books again.


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