Fall In

Fall in Phoenix is so far pretty much the same as summer in Phoenix. It is still excessively hot and we are all still wearing shorts and flip-flops (long sleeves and sweaters haven’t left the back of the closet).  But… there are signs that change is on the threshold. Small clumps of brown leaves skittering over the street, subdued and less shiny sunlight, drooping tree leaves and browning foliage. The sunsets are not as spectacular, but I think they’re more interesting.

What is fall like where you are?

12 thoughts on “Fall In

  1. Lisa

    Lovely pictures! We’re in the same weather pattern here in Houston. Usually we get a couple of weeks of cool weather, at least, before it gets colder, but not this year. Though you can tell it’s October by the acorns falling everywhere! the squirrels should be in heaven. Oh, and of course you can tell it’s fall because the first Christmas stuff has shown up in the stores.


  2. jessicabookworm

    Fall or Autumn as we call here in the UK is dreary! I usually love the golden leaves and crisp fresh air of Autumn. The last few days here have been cold and foggy. Oh well looking on the positive side still got lovely golden trees to look at.


  3. Joan Hunter Dunn

    As Jessica said. The gloom & mist of the last few days. The leaves are a most wonderful colour, scarves are on, tights worn but no need for gloves or hats just yet.


  4. Miss Bibliophile

    It’s so hard to get actual fall weather that lives up to our ideal of fall weather, isn’t it? It’s been pretty mild here on the east coast, but I did wear tights for the first time today!


    1. Yes, Miss B! Having lived in Arizona most of my life I have always craved the storybook fall weather, but we always have perfect blue skies and warm days right up until Christmas.


  5. Charlie

    As others have said, autumns in the UK aren’t great, generally summer turns straight into winter whilst the leaves fall suddenly, though we’ve sort of got one at the moment. At least in the way that it’s not too cold and the leaves are falling.


    1. I’m glad you get a little reprieve before the brutal cold sets in. That is how I always feel in March when our weather is beautifully mild before the searing heat descends.


  6. Sunday Taylor

    Fall in southern California can be pretty hot also. This weekend our temperature will be in the 80’s and I am so ready for crisp fall temperatures. But our days are shorter, we have leaves on the ground, and the lighting is quite beautiful at this time of the year. I have pumpkins and mums at the front door and I try hard to pretend I am in New England. Funny, but I am in kind of a reading slump also. Right now I am about seventy pages into “To the North” by Elizabeth Bowen and it seems to be doing the trick. Finally something that I want to read. Have a good weekend.


    1. I have a copy of To the North on my shelf – perhaps I should see if it does the trick for me too!
      Your front door sounds so inviting and autumnish. I haven’t decorated at all this year for Halloween or fall – maybe for Thanksgiving.


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