Cover Collection: Jane Eyre

1.Vintage Classics // 2. Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions // 3. Signet Classics //

4. Pocket Penguin Classics // 5. Everyman’s Library Classics // 6. HarperTeen //

A fetching collection of Jane Eyre covers, no? I really have a hard time deciding which is my favorite, but I think today it is #5. Which one do you fancy?

Here are a few links from around the web that have caught my eye this week:

Help fight illiteracy with these beautiful posters of The Observer’s Greatest Novels of All Time.

Neo Victorian fiction beckons me in the fall. Here is a huge list at Goodreads of some of the best Neo Victorian novels, including books by Sarah Waters, one of my favorites.

October is National Reading Group Month. Here are 20 great group reads for 2012.

Have a lovely weekend, friends! I wish you lots of time for wonderful books!

24 thoughts on “Cover Collection: Jane Eyre

  1. I think I’d have to go with #5 as well – though it doesn’t convey any of the book’s suspense or tension. Definitely not #3! #6 reminded me of the Twilight book covers, and then I saw it was aimed at teens.

    We’re supposed to get our first real cold front – always entertaining in Houston, at least to us transplanted northerners.


    1. A Texas cold front is better than no cold front! It is still much too hot here. At this point I would take a high of 90!
      I really despise the Twilight-ish covers that HarperTeen did a few years ago, but I do think they’re interesting.


  2. I think they are all pretty. My copy of Jane Eyre is actually #1, I’m a sucker for the Vintage covers though. I also have All Quiet on the Western Front and The Picture of Dorian Grey from this collection.


  3. I like them all, but if I have to pick favourites I’d go for number 2 slosely followed by number 5 because I remember reading Jane Eyre travelling back from Brirmingham to London after a trade fair. I also remember being delighted when my colleague fell aslepp and I could read instead of talking about work!


  4. I love it when you do these cover collections, Anbolyn! And this one gives me particular pleasure, for Jane Eyre is my favourite novel 🙂

    For the sheer beauty of them, I like the Signet Classics and Harper Teen covers, but I do wonder why roses and peonies were considered representative of Jane and Rochester’s story?? I notice that many of the newest editions of Victorian classics feature pretty girls in romantic dresses and flowers galore. First it was heritage houses in BBC adaptations, now it’s vintage Victoriana in books! I’m not complaining, but it does give the somewhat false impression that these books are nothing more than cozy period romances. Some people are in for a big shock when they end up in Lowood Institution or in Gaskell’s industrial towns!

    I think that the most original of these covers is the Penguin Classics Deluxe edition – I love it! There is something almost fairytale-like about it, something that recalls goose-girls and haunted castles… I think it captures the gothic aspect of Jane Eyre in a less grisly way than the Red Room-like fabric of the Vintage edition.


    1. Thank, Florence! I love cover art and find it fascinating to see how different publishers interpret their vision of the novel through the covers.
      I think the flowery covers are pretty, but they don’t draw me in the way the others do. I agree, they give a false impression of what the reader will find between the covers!


  5. I have #1 and love it, but #5 is beautiful too. Not keen on #6, it looks like those Twilight-inspired covers that were published to try and get teens reading classics. Good idea and purpose, but Twilight-ing them… Am favouriting the neo-Victorian list, thanks for sharing it!


  6. My favorite is number 5, I always go for the more traditional and old-fashioned covers on classics. Thanks for the interesting links. I enjoyed seeing the book choices for the Great Group reads of 2012. Have a wonderful week!


    1. I think I prefer the traditional, too, Sunday. I would love to read some of the titles from the great group reads list. I hadn’t ever heard of several of them!


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