The Blank Wall Giveaway (Closed) + Raspberry Oat Muffins

What better way to share your favorite books then by giving them away to others? I want to spread the word about my top books of the year so far so I am giving away 1 copy of The Blank Wall by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding. This suspense novel set during World War II is a brilliant thriller, but it is also a riveting social study that examines the life of one family on the American homefront and how they cope while their husband and father is away at war.

To enter the giveaway, please fill out the form here. Entries are due by midnight, US Pacific Standard Time, on August 15. The giveaway is open internationally. The winner will be randomly chosen.

This is a really great book and I can’t wait to force it on share it with one of you!

On Sunday evening, while watching the women’s beach volleyball, I tried out a recipe I saw recently on the Bake or Break blog. Raspberry Oat Muffins in theory just sounded so scrumptious – and in reality they turned out to be pretty superbly wonderful. These muffins are easy to assemble and only take the length of two sets of beach volleyball and 1 heat of the men’s 100 meter race to make.

I’ve been eating them for breakfast every day this week and I like them because they are not too sweet like the muffins you buy at the grocery store or the coffee shop. The raspberries are subtle yet tart and the oats in the batter give them a nice density that is often missing in store bought muffins. I didn’t use sanding sugar, which is recommended in the recipe, but they still developed a nice, crunchy top. Give them a try!

Have you made anything delicious lately?

Also, if you are looking for creative birthday greetings visit my friend Jenn’s etsy shop. She sells really fabulous paper crafts!

16 thoughts on “The Blank Wall Giveaway (Closed) + Raspberry Oat Muffins

    1. I have been on a little Persephone spending spree lately and can’t wait to read The Priory, Brook Evans and The Home-Maker from my haul. The muffins are so good – and easy!


    1. Raspberries are my favorite berry, I think, but I would like to try these muffins with blueberries or blackberries sometime. Yum!
      The Blank Wall is a wonderful book – a great suspense novel.


  1. I’ve bookmarked the recipe as they look scrummy and I can pretend they’re healthy with the oats, and the rasps can count towards one of our five a day fruit and veg!


  2. A Persephone title sounds really good right now. That’s one I was not familiar with, but it sounds very good indeed. And your raspberry muffins look yummy–they’ve made me hungry so now I think I must go find something good to snack on!:)


  3. I had to remind myself which book this was, and then I hustled right back to fill in the form.

    I’ve just baked a batch of banana-oat muffins myself, but my rotten oven was misbehaving and they’re a wee bit overdone. I’m looking forward to trying your recipe – I love raspberries (I always have to check how that word is spelled).


  4. Muffins and a Persephone giveaway! What is not to like? I read this last year but it was an ILL of a different edition, so I’d LOVE my own copy!! Have you seen the excellent movie adaptation starring Tilda Swinton? It’s called The Deep End and it came out in the early 2000s. It has a modern setting but it’s really wonderful. I highly recommend it.

    My latest Persephone was Harriet by Elizabeth Jenkins (another ILL, a first edition from 1934!). I’m way behind on my Persephone reading list but I saw in the comments that you’ve got The Priory, The Home-Maker, and Brook Evans — three of my favorites! You are in for a treat, they’re all great.


    1. I know I’ve seen The Deep End, but I can’t remember it very well – I’ll have to watch it again.
      I can’t wait to read the rest of my Persephones – I also have The Expendable Man (another thriller set in the US) – I think I am going to read The Priory first because I really enjoyed Greenbanks and like Whipple’s writing.


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