A Bountiful TV Harvest

When season two of Downton Abbey ended a month ago I felt a horrible ache knowing I will have to wait at least a year to find out what happens to the beloved characters. I always say I am not much of a tv watcher, but I am going to admit it  for all to hear – I love tv. I always have. I am much more of a tv person than a movie person. I love finding new series to become engrossed in, characters to love or hate and stories to carry me into a different world. And though I don’t like book series very much I adore  a tv series. Thankfully, though Downton Abbey is sorely missed, I have six series that I am currently watching and loving. Here is what is on my screen now:

1.Smash – Smash is brand new this year and is set in the world of a Broadway-bound production – a musical dramatization of the life of Marilyn Monroe. There is plenty of great music and dancing, but don’t worry, there’s also bickering, backstabbing, rivalry, scheming, betrayal and adultery. The two main actresses, Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty, have incredible voices and I love to hear the music every week.

2. Mad Men – I’m a recent fan of Mad Men, but I feel my ardor is just as fervent as those who’ve been watching from the first show. I love every element of this series – the characters, setting, plot, dialogue, and, oh yes, the clothes and decor. Season 5 started last week and we’ve already seen some major life changes for Don and the rest of the brilliant cast. It looks to be another enthralling season of Mad Men .

3.Game of Thrones – Season 2 of the epic fantasy series is back with more intrigue, violence and sex (which I think is gratuitous and unnecessary, but I know I am in the minority here). The multiple plot lines, fascinating power struggles and the absolutely riveting characters guarantee this series is irresistible. Based on the novels by George R.R. Martin, it already has millions of fans clamoring for more of the dynamic tale.

4.Great Expectations – PBS brings us the newest adaptation of Great Expectations which has already aired in the UK. Since I recently read the book for the first time I am excited to see this version and to see all of my favorite characters come to life on the screen.

5.The Killing – A dark and gloomy crime series set in Seattle, The Killing follows two police detectives as they try to solve the murder of a teen girl. The consequences of violence and vengeance are brought depressingly to light as they attempt to uncover the tangled threads of the case. This is one of those shows where the characters are almost sadly complex and no one can be trusted. I am hooked.

6.The Hour – This British series has recently been repeated on BBC America and I’ve been slowly impressed by its clever and unexpected plot twists. It’s set during the 50’s at a BBC news show where the violence in Hungary and the Suez Canal dominate the headlines. But there are quiet crises stealthily affecting the staff that are even more deadly than the news stories they are reporting. Great acting and wonderful dialogue make this show a  stunner.

Do you like tv? What are you currently watching?

10 thoughts on “A Bountiful TV Harvest

  1. I’ve noticed sometimes that I’m too tired to watch TV – it seems to take more energy to concentrate, or maybe to listen – rather than to read. But at other times it’s a wonderful way to relax. The only show I’m watching regularly is Modern Family, but I’m catching up on past seasons of NCIS and The Big Bang Theory – and my secret vice, on the Disney Channel, Good Luck Charlie.


    1. I find the reverse, Lisa – sometimes it takes me more energy to read than to watch tv so I end up watching too much of it!
      I used to love NCIS, but I haven’t watched it for a couple of seasons now. I like watching re-runs, though.
      Good Luck Charlie is actually pretty good! I’ve seen 1 episode and thought it was cute.


  2. I agree with you. I love TV. A good series anyway. Community is so funny. I like Justified. Sherlock Holmes is my favorite show right now. I also love Dr. Who. I just finished season 1 of Downton Abbey and loved it. I also started Mad Men and am in season 1. So far, so good. Oh and of course Walking Dead!


    1. I really should get into Walking Dead – maybe I’ll watch the series before the next season starts so I can watch it with you. And Sherlock Holmes is great!


  3. I also miss “Downton Abbey”! But I watch many of the shows you mentioned. My favorites are “Madmen” and “The Killing.” I didn’t know that a new season of “The Hour” is currently airing. Thanks for letting me know, I really enjoyed the first season.


    1. I think the second series is starting soon, Sunday, but I’ve just been watching a repeat of season 1. I remember reading about it on your blog and your praise partly inspired me to watch it. Thanks!


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