Everyday Inspiration

dream desk
My dream work space. Click photo for source.

You might find this hard to believe, but working in a library is not the most glamorous affair. Our public area is quite colorful and attractive, but our staff room is, despite our best efforts, a bit dull, grey and cluttered with harsh lighting pouring down and casting shadows over everything. My desk faces a wall and there are dark metal cabinets surrounding me. It is hard to feel inspired in this setting so I like to add colorful and beautiful images to my work space to pull me out of the industrial, government issued feel of my day.

For several years I have bought the Metropolitan Museum of Art desk calendar. Every day there is a different work of art to admire as I sit at my desk. My heart has lifted and soared many times over the day’s art selection. This calendar is a must buy at the beginning of every year.



I save past issues of the calendar and hang up images of paintings I adore throughout the year on a metal cabinet bordering my desk. I usually switch them out every two weeks or so. Right now I have two Italian paintings on display to get me excited for my trip in June. I also have portraits of Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf and a favorite photograph of James Baldwin.

desk images

And I’ll occasionally buy clearance flowers from the market close to my library to brighten my day. This week it’s golden daffodils (a little wilted, but still glorious).


Do you work in an office? What do you do to make your work space a bit more inspiring?

*I’ve decided to stop writing the Sunday Bulletins as I was feeling flustered trying to think of something to write every Sunday.*

Have a gorgeous week!