M. Poirot


I was lucky enough to have five days off at the new year and part of my time was spent watching recent episodes of Poirot. I’ve always liked to watch these mysteries around the holidays because, despite being somewhat dark, they are my idea of all that is cozy and homey. One year when I was home from grad school during the Christmas break I got a terrible cold. I remember spending days wrapped in blankets on my parents’ couch, with the heater glowing, the Christmas lights sparkling and Poirot on the television. Despite my illness, I really enjoyed that experience and now I crave Agatha Christie mysteries during every holiday season. This year I’ve been watching seasons 10 -12 , seasons that totally passed me by when they were shown on PBS. It  has been so wonderful to spend my evenings watching these stylish and clever mysteries that are perfect viewing for cold and dark nights. My favorite episode so far is ‘The Labours of Hercules’ in which Poirot pursues an art thief/murderer to an isolated hotel in the Swiss Alps. Very atmospheric and chilling!



Are you a Poirot fan? Or do you prefer Miss Marple? What do you like to watch on frosty winter evenings?

Also, I apologize for changing my blog theme so often lately. This is what I’ll use for the rest of the year, promise!