Sunday Bulletin – January 6


Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had a grand start to 2019. I spent mine working and reading and pondering how I want to spend my time this year.

A few times during the past week I found myself making lists of books that I need and want to read in January. And then I tore them all up because I don’t want to conduct my reading life that way in 2019. I want to read one book at a time this year and choose books by whim as I go along – unless it is something I really do have to read for work. I was asked by my boss to lead two book discussion groups at the library beginning this month so I do “have” to read two books a month for work, but as I get to choose the books it shouldn’t be too much of a chore.

Books finished this week:

The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. Sayers is such a gem! I read Gaudy Night a few years ago and thought it was enjoyable, but I wasn’t interested in reading more of the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries. Then when I was in the hospital in November and I saw that Miranda from the Tea & Tattle podcast had chosen this for the T & T winter book club I thought it was time to try another one. I liked this one so much better than Gaudy Night. It is set in a small village in the Fens and has a very clever plot, great secondary characters, beautiful (but not too excessive) descriptions of the countryside and a whole lot of information about bellringing, of which I knew nothing and which Sayers manages to make interesting. I can see why this book is a favorite of golden age mystery fans. It’s excellent. I own a couple of the early Wimsey mysteries and I want to read them sometime this year – but I’m not adding them to a list!

Have you read the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries? Have a wonderful week!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Bulletin – January 6

  1. Peter Wimsey was my first great literary love, back in high school. I discovered him through the TV series of Clouds of Witness (the second novel) shown on PBS – but I quickly gave up the TV version for the books. You might enjoy Murder Must Advertise, Peter working undercover at an ad agency to investigate a murder.


    1. I remember watching a TV episode and not liking it…this is one series I’d love to see remade! Murder Must Advertise sounds great and I think my library owns it so that’s a bonus. 🙂


    1. Your shrieking made me laugh! Maybe I read Gaudy Night at the wrong time? I did read it for a book club so that could have skewed my perception of it. I will try again someday! Please still like me. 🙂


  2. I’ve read them all, but so long ago. Gaudy Night was my favourite back then. I think a lot of people dislike all the bellringing bits in The Nine Tailors but like you I found it interesting. I used to work in Witham, Essex very close to her old house but of course she was dead by then. I think it’s now owned by the Sayers Society.


    1. Did you ever see the statue of her there? I recently read about it on Wikipedia. She’s such a good writer and her characters are really vibrant. I hope I can find time to read more of her soon.


  3. Yes, this is my second favourite DLS after Gaudy Night. I love the Cambridge flat land setting and all the bell ringing detail is fascinating. You have made me want to re-read this!


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