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IMG_4258Hello! How’s your July been? I’ve read a lot this month, but it’s been all galleys so nothing that I can write about here (yet). I finished two books last weekend and will finish two by this weekend’s end as well. I’m well on my way to having read 10 galleys that I can talk about at my “Fabulous Fall Reads” presentation in September. If all goes to plan I won’t be scrambling to read anything in the week leading up to the event and can focus all my efforts on preparing my booktalks and the Powerpoint. Whew!

I’m going to Colorado again mid-August and want to take books with me that I have no obligation to read. Books that I can read just because I want to. So, I’ve been buying books online and at Half-Price books, hoarding them for the trip. I ordered 3 Poirot novels after loving The Murder of Roger Ackroyd a few months ago. Then I found a copy of Night and Day by Virginia Woolf at Half-Price Books (HPB) — not the most attractive copy but I couldn’t pass it up. On the same visit to HPB I decided to buy Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner. I read it many years ago when I think I was probably too young to “get” it so I’m curious to see what I’ll think of it now.

A few weeks later I found To Love and Be Wise by Josephine Tey. I know nothing about it, but I do like Tey’s mysteries so I tossed it in my basket. Also in my basket went My American by Stella Gibbons. My local HPB has carried lots of Gibbons’s novels through the years and I always buy them yet haven’t read any of them yet. I want to remedy that this year.  On top of the Tey and the Gibson went The Painted Bridge by Wendy Wallace which I remembered Jane liking years ago when she was at her previous blog.

Lastly, the mailman recently delivered Queen Victoria in her Letters and Journals where it sat in my baking metal mailbox until I rescued it into the air conditioned comfort of my home.

I probably won’t take all of these to Colorado but a few of them will make the trip. I also want to take a few Viragos and Persephones to read since August is All August/All Viirago (with Persephones included). I’ve already started The Fortnight in September for this event and LOVE it. I also want to read a Holtby, Comyns and Laski during the month. I’m giddy just thinking about it!

But I forgot — I do have one book I’m obligated to read in August and that is Silas Marner for book club. I should probably start on that one soon.

What are your August reading plans? Have you bought any books lately that you are super excited about?

19 thoughts on “Recent Book Purchases

  1. What a great pile. I’ve read a few books by Stella Gibbons and hadn’t even heard of The American, I must track it down. I’m just about to start reading a new biography of Josephine Tey.


    1. I’ll look out for your review of the bio! I’ve loved the books I’ve read by Tey but know nothing about her life.
      I love that a lot of Gibbons’s books (from what I can tell) take place in Hampstead and have scenes on the heath and that I have been there! I love when I can visualize settings in my head from experience.


  2. New stacks of books are so exciting! I haven’t been to Half Price Books in ages, but I have been spending too much time (and money) browsing on-line.

    Colorado sounds wonderful – I’m guessing it will be a LOT cooler.


    1. Isn’t online browsing dangerous? It’s so easy to click that little “purchase” button!
      I’m really looking forward to Colorado. It should be at least 10 degrees cooler during the day and even cooler at night. I’m ready for a break from the heat.


  3. Well done on being well on my way to having read 10 galleys for you “Fabulous Fall Reads” talk. Now in August I hope you have more time to read the books you want to read. I haven’t bought any books recently however I am really excited about a review copy of Sandlands by Rosy Thornton which is on its way to me 🙂


  4. I’m trying to stick to a self-imposed book buying ban for the foreseeable future after having bought quite a lot over the first half of the year. I’m getting very tempted to break the ban because of all of the good things I’ve been hearing about The Essex Serpent. Glad to here that you’re enjoying The Fortnight in September. That’s a good one!


    1. I think after this haul that I am going on a book buying ban too! I need to actually read more books than I bring in. I bought a copy of The Essex Serpent and am saving it for vacation reading. I’m so looking forward to it.


  5. My favourite Gibbons is ‘Cold Comfort Farm’. ‘Silas Marner’ is another old favourite. I can’t get on with Christie, too many protagonists I think.

    I have started reading ‘The Cazalet Chronicles’ by Elizabeth Jane Howard, whom I had not read previously but am enjoying enormously. Book two is 618 pages long, something that I appreciate more as I get older.

    I use Awesome Books and Abe Books, they offer free shipping here and a low price for it in the rest of the world.

    Enjoy Colorado.


    1. I love Cold Comfort Farm – so funny.
      I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying The Cazalet Chronicles. I’m currently reading After Julius by Howard and really like her writing so I think I’ll start on the chronicles later this year.
      I’ve ordered from Awesome Books and Abe Books too – such great sources for second hand Viragos!


  6. I have bought no books at all this month, despite substantial temptation. I did get a hardback copy of one of my favorite Diana Wynne Jones books, Witch Week, but since it was from PaperbackSwap it doesn’t count as buying it. I’m getting by on a technicality. :p I also do have e-ARCs of two of the fall books I’m most excited for — the sequel to Erin Bow’s The Scorpion Rules and Nisi Shawl’s debut novel Everfair, which is a steampunk fantasy novel set in colonial-era Congo. LOVELY.


    1. Doesn’t count at all!
      I think getting access to much anticipated galleys is as exciting as buying books. Sometimes more exciting because they’re free!
      I’ve sadly never heard of Erin Bow or Nisi Shawl — but they both look fascinating.


  7. That’s quite the haul 🙂 Going on holiday with books you don’t have to read is a good idea, a total holiday that way! What Comyns are you thinking of reading? No set plans for August, just to read more than I have been. I’m looking forward to getting through some of my TBR.


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