Weekend Cooking: Chocolate Chip Pecan Oatmeal Cookies


Last weekend it finally dipped below 80 on Saturday evening so I gleefully switched on the oven and mixed up some cookie batter. I haven’t baked for months and months because it was just too hot (and humid for most of that time too) and having the oven on for an extended period of time would be ridiculously self-punishing. I love chocolate chip cookies, but I wanted something with a bit more oomph. In addition to pecans and oatmeal these include several spices and orange zest, which seemed a bit strange but works quite well. Here’s the recipe I used and I highly recommend it.

Unfortunately, my plans to bake this weekend went unrealized as it was back up to almost 100 degrees and I just couldn’t bear to heat up the house.

Have you baked anything lately?

14 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: Chocolate Chip Pecan Oatmeal Cookies

  1. I would love to bake – and in fact I have been craving oatmeal cookies. But it’s still too hot here. Today was ridiculously warm, over 90, and tomorrow is supposed to be just as bad. Fall is definitely late this year! So please feel free to send me some of your cookies 🙂


    1. Isn’t the heat awful! I’m praying that the temps in the 80’s that are forecast for this weekend really do happen. I would love to send you some of my cookies! I usually make too many and need someone to share them with.


  2. I can hardly imagine having to put off baking because it’s just too hot, I don’t know how you survive – both the heat and the lack of home-baked goodies! I baked lemon drizzle cake and cherry scones yesterday. I’ll give your recipe a go as I love all the ingredients..


    1. I still haven’t tried lemon drizzle cake. It’s supposed to cool down this weekend so I should try it then. There are a lot of things we have to put off because it’s too hot and I am tired of it -it needs to go away soon!


  3. You poor thing! My husband works with a gentleman who was in Arizona two weeks ago; the heat was unbearable. Glad you were able to find a window of opportunity though…the cookies look delicious! So, considering the heat – is it tea or lemonade alongside?


    1. I can’t imagine coming here in the summer if I’d never experienced this kind of heat before…kind of like me visiting your part of the world in the winter!
      I usually don’t drink milk, but I happened to have some in the fridge so I drank a nice, cold glass of milk with my cookies. Delicious!


  4. I bake v. rarely, especially since my brown sugar shortbread cookies stopped working for reasons I can’t fathom. But I did make goat cheese dip this weekend, and it came out wonderfully tangy. I have been eating it on crackers and rejoicing in my life.

    I hope your weather gets good again very soon! We’re starting to have what passes for autumn weather in Louisiana, with nighttime lows below 60, and it’s been very exciting for me. :p


    1. Oh no! I just don’t understand the recipes that won’t work anymore. I’ve had that happen as well with a favorite chocolate cookie. The goat cheese dip sounds yummy, though, and so does your weather!


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