Reading Re-set

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July hasn’t been a good reading month for me. I’ve only finished two books (out of dozens tried) and have not been enthused about my reading life. I can’t tell you how many books I’ve applied the ’50 page rule’ to this month and then have listlessly let fall from my limp hand after feeling utter disinterest and ennui about those 50 wasted pages. Yes, I’m being melodramatic. But it has felt like a reading tragedy.

Yesterday I realized that I need to lower my expectations, return to reading books I actually want to read and take a little break from reading galleys for a while. I deleted all my ‘Currently Reading’ books from Goodreads and decided to start over. Then I listened to my  heart and discerned that what I really feel like reading right now are Victorian novels and other classics. I love new, I love contemporary, but I think I have overdosed in the past few months and need to return to the land of old-fashioned delight that I truly enjoy.

I’m also going to keep my Goodreads ‘Currently Reading’ list to only five titles. This might seem a lot to some people –  I’ve never been the ‘one book at a time’ kind of person yet having 20 books on my currently reading list is a bit much. So, five is a good number for me.

And now I’m excited about reading again and can’t wait to share my thoughts!

Do you ever have to press the re-set button on your reading life?

21 thoughts on “Reading Re-set

  1. arabellabramble

    Oh yes I can so identify, I always feel guilty when I give up on a book and it has taken me a long time to realise that sometimes you just have to.


    1. I don’t feel guilty – maybe that is my problem! I easily discard books that bug me for some reason or other. 🙂 But I feel that my reading is more satisfying in the end so I do recommend giving up when you’re not enjoying something.


  2. I see Georgette Heyer on your list – how fun! I do hope you like Sophy and her family. My older cat is named for Sophy.

    I hate hate hate that feeling of bookish ennui, and the picking up & discarding of books. I went through a phase of that myself recently – though not as long as yours. I switched over to non-fiction – memoirs and letters – which fixed it for now. Good luck with your re-setting!


    1. I am LOVING The Grand Sophy! We’re discussing it in my book club on Tuesday. I think I might become a Georgette Heyer fan… I love that you named your cat Sophy – she is definitely a wonderful character to be named for.
      Bookish ennui is the most utterly despairing thing. I’ve struggled with it for years now and always have to come up with new ways to get myself out of it.


  3. Always should be resetting it, but bumble along. I know I should give up more books but I don’t.
    I try and stick to reading only 2 at a time and they have to be different so I don’t get confused!


    1. Yes, I know about bumbling along. I just can’t have a plan with my reading like some people do. I am such a moody reader. I think two at a time is a good idea!


  4. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Very much so – I’ve found myself bogged down with commitments to read books I really didn’t want to. And I thought about it and realised I am a reader of moods and whims which I need to follow if I’m going to love my reading. So that’s what I do now! 🙂


    1. I am too, but I feel so guilty for not reading the ‘hot’ books that everyone else is reading. I need to follow your example and only read by whim and lose the guilt!


  5. piningforthewest

    I rarely give up on books and am often very surprised at how much I enjoy something which started out dull. A lot of it depends on your mood at the time I think, so another time you might really enjoy something you’ve previously abandoned. Mind you there are times when I plough on to the very bitter end – then I look at the cover – if looks could kill!!


    1. Hahaha! I’ve done it too, but mostly with books that I am obligated to read such as with ones for book club discussions. Otherwise, I have no qualms about giving up on books I am not enjoying!


  6. Fulfilling my reading mood is the best excuse for stocking loads and loads of books all over the house. Well, within reason. I must have grabbed six or seven today and nothing felt right so despite the fact that Far From the Madding Crowd was to be saved for a September read-along with a friend, I’ve jumped in. Loving it!!


    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has to have my mood match my book! Have you seen the new film of Madding Crowd? I’m not sure if I should watch the film first or wait until I’ve read the book – I’m glad you’re enjoying it.


      1. Went to see the film last week and it completely surpassed my expectations! Drove straight to the bookshop for a copy of the book so needless to say, my visual of the characters has been set…but that’s okay.


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