New Arrivals

I haven’t bought very many books lately, mostly because I’ve bought these – and they are not cheap. The shipping alone from Persephone is a pretty penny, but one that I feel is completely justified – and the same goes for the Slightly Foxed editions. Quality over quantity for me these days!

I’d always planned to order London War Notes by Mollie Panter-Downes from Persephone when it was released last month. When I was placing the order online I decided to also get the latest novel published by them, Vain Shadow by Jane Hervey, and I also ordered Few Eggs and No Oranges by Vere Hodgson. I’ve already read a big chunk of London War Notes and am so glad I have it and the others to look forward to over the summer.

I have a subscription to the Slightly Foxed Quarterly, which I just love, but I’d never bought any of their books. When I saw a post on Facebook about Silver Ley by Adrian Bell I was really intrigued. It’s Bell’s story of learning to be a farmer in Suffolk just after WWI. I adore stories about people ‘going back to the land’ so I ordered this right away. Reading more about the book on the SF website I realized that Silver Ley is a sequel to Corduroy – so I ordered that too!

Have you bought any exciting books lately?

25 thoughts on “New Arrivals

  1. Those are lovely stacks of books! I was shocked at the shipping costs, with my recent Persephone order. I’ve been ordering used books, which were lessential expensive. So I won’t be ordering in huge quantities from Persephone, but that’s good for my TBR shelves. I haven’t ordered anything from Slightly Foxed yet, but I’m sure I will be.

    I hope you enjoyed your long holiday!


    1. Yes, the shipping is a bit of a heart stopper – I only order a couple of times a year. I had a really nice holiday, thank you! I’m sad it’s over. 😦


  2. I made a beeline straight for Persephone once in London and picked up a copy of London War Notes. My husband laughs at the notion that my books come home in my carry-on but I don’t want to risk losing such prized possessions. And you are going to love ‘Few Eggs…’!
    I bought five books before my trip, five books while in London, and there are two to place on order…severe denial here regarding shelf space.


    1. I am with you on the carry-on for your books – there’s no way I’d want to risk losing them in transit. And I also understand the shelf space denial. I just got two new bookcases last year and am already out of room!


  3. I love Persephones but haven’t bought any new ones for a while. I’ve been too distracted by other books, I think! I do want to read London War Notes as I enjoyed Good Evening, Mrs Craven.


  4. Oh, if only Persephones and Slightly Foxed editions were more available over here…I have such a hard time choosing!


  5. I got my hands on a lovely copy of Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne du Maurier in my favourite charity bookshop recently. I am really looking forward to reading it. I hope you enjoy all your new books 🙂


  6. I am sailing joyfully through Martin Millar’s latest — a farce set in ancient Athens, such a delight — and apart from that am surviving on (wonderful) library books. London War-Notes sounds so great; I’m looking forward to reading it myself. It sounds like it’s meeting your expectations of it?


  7. Oh, you have done well! Unusually I’ve managed to resist the new Persephones, but that’s only because I have London War Notes already and I can see that the library has Jane Hervey on order.


  8. Blown my hardback budget for the year already! I really must reign it in a bit with the book buying and use the library more. Nice Persephones.


  9. Few Eggs is fantastic – Vere Hodgson writes about important world events and little everyday things, like flowers in the park, which makes for a fascinating read. I’m hoping to call at the Persephone shop on my next day out in London for a copy of London War Notes.


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