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I’ve found that nothing quite beats the winter blues as well as bringing new, gorgeous books into my life. Last weekend I went with a friend on a jaunt to Half Price Books and was fortunate to discover a few books that really appealed to me. I usually only find contemporary fiction at HPB, but I’ve recently learned the secret to where to look for my kind of books at this particular store – the discount shelves. Apparently, my fellow readers in the East Valley of the Phoenix suburbs are not interested in the books that I am drawn to and that is okay with me. I got all four books in the photos above and below for around $2 a piece. When I saw the two Winifred Holtbys sitting side by side I nearly jumped up and down and clapped my hands with joy. I’ve never read Holtby before and now I am looking forward to exploring her writing. I’ve already started The Land of Green Ginger with much enjoyment.

poor caroline

The two books below were both mentioned by Emily recently and I couldn’t resist ordering Reunion after reading her thoughts on this powerful novella. The Millstone was the book up for discussion at the January meeting of the Walking Book Club. I have an idea that I’ll try to read all of the books the WBC reads this year, but of course I won’t put any pressure on myself to do so.


I’m very glad to welcome these new friends into my home and I look forward to making their acquaintance very soon. Have you read any of these titles?

24 thoughts on “Recent Arrivals

  1. A very nice haul! I love wandering around Half Price Books, and seeing what turns up. Though that’s also one reason for the overflowing TBR shelves. I haven’t read Winifred Holtby, but I became interested in her books after reading Vera Brittain’s memoirs, especially Testament of Friendship. Reunion & The Millstone aren’t familiar, so I’ll look forward to hearing more about them.


    1. I’m reading Testament of Youth as we speak and Brittain has briefly mentioned Holtby already – it was a thrill to know that I will learn more about her before I read her novels. HPB is always hit or miss for me. Sometimes I don’t find a thing that interests me!


  2. What a wonderful haul! I’ve only read South Riding by Winifred Holtby and it was was lovely. I’m also very fond of Arnold Bennett although I haven’t read this one. Enjoy your new books!


  3. What lovely acquisitions. I love Winifred Holtby’s writing – I’m spreading out her books as there are so few and I hate the idea of running out – and though I’ve not read that particular Ada Leverson the others I’ve read have been wonderfully witty light entertainments.


  4. That’s a great selection of books! I love Winifred Holtby – I haven’t read Poor Caroline yet but I enjoyed The Land of Green Ginger. South Riding is my favourite, though.


    1. I do have a copy of South Riding but haven’t read it yet. I didn’t like the TV adaptation so I think that has stopped me from reading the book. Hopefully, reading The Land of Green Ginger will get me more interested in reading South Riding.


  5. I’ve only read The Land of Green Ginger and I don’t think it’s her best but it’s still well worth reading.


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