Sunday Bulletin – December 28


Now Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us and plans are swimming in my head for resolutions, goals and improvements for 2015. I never really keep my resolutions or meet all of my goals, but it’s still worthwhile to think about the changes I want to make. There’s power in just thinking about change, I think – maybe one day those thoughts will galvanize and turn into something substantial with real meaning for my life.

Speaking of goals, it was a goal when I got back from England to post a Sunday Bulletin every week through the end of the year and I did meet that goal. But now I am ready to start posting about individual books again so this will be the last Sunday Bulletin (unless something goes awry and I need to employ them again). I enjoyed writing them, but I’d like to focus more here on the books I am reading and return the blog to a literature based endeavor.

Books finished this week:

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr – Excellent, excellent book that I will post about this week sometime.

Are you thinking of goals for 2015 yet?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

14 thoughts on “Sunday Bulletin – December 28

  1. Happy New Year, a little early! May 2015 be filled with wonderful books. I enjoy your Sunday Bulletins, but I’m glad that you’ll be posting book reviews again as well.


  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your Sunday posts but I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on individual books again too. I’ve been curious about All the Light We Cannot See, so I’m pleased to hear you liked it!


  3. I have also enjoyed reading your Sunday posts but I do look forward to seeing your more in-depth book posts again as well. I am starting to think about goals to set myself but no reading related one’s so far.


  4. I really enjoyed All the Light We Cannot See as well. Congratulations on meeting your goal to post a Sunday bulletin. There was one year when I thought it would be a good idea to see how long I could go without buying a book and succumbed by January 4!


    1. Life resolutions are almost worthless for me to make, but I keep making them anyway. Bookish ones are so much more important for me though this year I am going to keep it simple.


  5. Happy New Year, I’ve not read this but I’ve read a previous book by Doerr and would read him again. Once again my new year resolution is to lose a stone in weight – hope over experience!


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