Fall Reading Challenge


This week at work a bunch of us are scrambling to finish our Fall Reading Challenge. I’ve issued this challenge to all staff at my library for the past few years but this is the first time that people have really taken it seriously. The challenge started back in September and the last day to finish is Saturday. My goal in creating the challenge was to get staff reading more broadly across our collection – for the children’s librarians to read some adult titles and for adult librarians to read juvenile titles. My motto is ‘In order to market the collection you have to know the collection’. Here are the requirements:

Read 3 picture books

Read 2 early readers

Read 1 children’s non-fiction book

Read 1 juvenile fiction book

Read 1 juvenile graphic novel

Read 1 juvenile non-fiction book

Read 1 young adult book

Read 1 young adult graphic novel

Read 1 adult fiction book

Read 1 adult non-fiction book

Read 1 eBook of your choice

Submit a review to the library blog


I am almost finished myself. I have to finish my adult non-fiction and my eBook and read the early readers and children’s non-fiction – and then I will join the two co-workers who’ve already finished. I’ve pledged to give all finishers a small prize next week. It’s been a lot of fun listening to everyone discuss their progress and share opinions and feedback on the books we’ve read. I’ve also had a couple of staff thank me for issuing the challenge and for motivating them to read outside of their comfort zone. I think it has been a great experience all around and I hope to do it again in the spring.


2 thoughts on “Fall Reading Challenge

    1. It was very fun! Six people ended up finishing – including me. The books didn’t have to come from our branch, but most did as it is just so easy to walk out to the stacks to find something.


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