Scenes from Oxford



The day my friend and I went to Oxford the weather wavered from bitterly cold, rainy and gloomy to sunny and crisply lovely. When we arrived in the city the wind was cutting and as we walked into town from the train station my cheeks froze and I wished I had worn a warmer coat. All through our all-too-short visit we ducked into shops (we spent quite a bit of time in Cath Kidston and Waterstones) when the rain came and ventured out again when it stopped. The weather in England can be truly insane! The day we visited was during Freshers Week so there weren’t too many students around, but there were still lots of bicycles.

I think the cold and the threatening rain stopped me from taking many photos, which I’m disappointed about.  I thought Oxford was beautiful and I wish I would have explored more of it – that will be a goal on my next trip. Here is a selection of the photos I did take:









10 thoughts on “Scenes from Oxford

    1. I didn’t see the stained glass at Magdalen College. We took a walking tour of some of the colleges, but our tour guide cut it short because it was raining and so windy. I do need to go back and see all of the wonderful things I missed because of the weather.


  1. Your photos are lovely! I went to Oxford for the day while in London a few years ago and only scratched the surface. I’m quite sure that at least half of that day was spend in awe so to really cement those gorgeous images I will definitely be going back. A yummy slice of coffee walnut cake at the cafe within a stone’s throw of Radcliffe Camera is a keen memory…


    1. Thanks, Darlene! That coffee walnut cake sounds delicious. I had a scrumptious butternut squash pie while I was there that I won’t forget. I think Oxford has so much to offer and that is hard to see on a day trip – an overnight stay would probably be best to see all of the gorgeousness.


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