A Few Photos from England


I’ve been back from England for a week now, but have only today found time to turn on my computer and download my photos. I fell head over heels in love with London and miss its energy, culture and history. I knew I would enjoy my trip, but I didn’t think that I would yearn to go back or dream about the city every night. Now I’m scheming for ways to save money so that I can return next year!

I need to organize and categorize my photos for future posts so today I’ll share just a few highlights:

025The poppy installation at the Tower of London.


Windsor Castle

092St. Paul’s from the balcony at the Tate Modern.


A visit to Persephone Books.

206A day in Bath.


A walk across Hampstead Heath.


The National Gallery on a rainy day.


A walking tour of Oxford.


The gardens at Hampton Court Palace.


A farewell to Big Ben.

Going to England was truly a dream come true.

I hope you’ve all been well!

24 thoughts on “A Few Photos from England

  1. I don’t know what I envy most, your visit to Hampton Court or the Persephone shop – I haven’t been to either! I love Bath – next time I am staying there for a couple of days, just to soak it all in. Lovely photos, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about what all you did and saw.


    1. Hampton Court was just spectacular – you must go on your next trip! And Bath was fantastic. I’d like to stay a couple of days there, too. I loved the streets and parks and gardens – all so gorgeous.


  2. Oh wonderful wonderful London! I miss it so much, I would loooooove to go back sometime soon. But there are so many other places in the world beckoning me, and I have such limited travel time and money. Did you love the Tate Modern? (It is my favorite museum in London.)


    1. I did like the Tate Modern, but my friend hated it! She’s not much of a contemporary art fan. However, she could appreciate it as a fabulous museum. I feel I have only scratched the surface of travel, but I can’t think of anywhere I’d want to go more than London right now (okay, maybe Italy).


    1. The weather was so changeable – typically English, I’m told. But I loved it. It is still 90 degrees F here so being in cold and windy rain was a delight. The poppies made quite an impression.


    1. You have to go to Bath, Katrina! It was one of my favorite places we visited on the trip. The houses and parks and gardens are beautiful and I loved the Roman Baths and the fashion museum.


  3. I am so glad you enjoyed it so much! The thing about London is that you will always find something new to see on each visit. And of course it is so wonderful to return to your favorites spots. Great photos! I still haven’t been to Hampton Court. And isn’t Windsor Castle fun! You really got around…Bath and Oxford as well. What a great trip!


    1. We were on the go every day and wore ourselves out! But is was a good kind of tired. Hampton Court is fantastic – I highly recommend a visit next time you’re in England. And, yes, Windsor Castle was great. The day we were there the staff was setting up for an investiture and it was exciting to see the preparations for such an interesting ceremony.


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