An Old Friend: The Sixties in Vogue


When I was in my teens I was utterly fascinated and obsessed with the sixties. I loved listening to music and watching films and TV shows from the era. Every time I visited the library I rummaged through the shelves looking for books about the sixties (this was in the days before catalogs were easy to search). One day I hit the jackpot and came across this book, The Sixties: A Decade in Vogue edited by Nicholas Drake. It was published in 1988 and I must have checked it out dozens of times in my late teens. I adored the big, striking photos of irresistible actors, musicians, models, writers and other artists. The book doesn’t have much text, but there are select articles on various topics and each year has a page of what people were talking about during that year. It’s a lovely, very Vogue snapshot of a captivating era.

15 years later I got a job working for my hometown library and one day I remembered this book and checked to see if we still carried it. Alas, we didn’t and it was probably long gone as even when I was checking it out there were missing pages where patrons had ripped out photos they liked.

I haven’t really thought about it much since then, but last month I wanted to buy myself a few meaningful birthday presents and this book came to mind. I found a used copy on the Internet and now it is in my hands once again. I’ve really enjoyed perusing it lately and it still fascinates. I’ll share a few images with you:


Sharon Tate (who’s suddenly back in the news) on the left, Brian Jones & Anita Pallenberg on the right.


The gorgeous Natalie Wood on the left, Jeanne Moreau on the right.


Edie Sedgwick on the left, what People Were Talking About in 1965 on the right.


I love these bold, colorful photos of Veruschka.


Beautiful portraits of two legendary opera singers – Grace Bumbry on the left and Leontyne Price on the right.



Here’s a familiar face!


An article on the ‘Party of the Century’ by Gloria Steinem – Truman Capote’s 1966 Black & White Ball.


Stunning shots of Lee Bouvier Radziwill and model Suzy Parker.

I’m so glad I discovered this book again! There’s also a similar book that covers the fifties and my next mission is to track down a copy to purchase. What book from your youth would you like to re-discover?

4 thoughts on “An Old Friend: The Sixties in Vogue

  1. I was 10 in 1969 but I don’t remember ever seeing this book. I looks great though and I remember Twiggy being on TV, looking exactly like that photo of her. My sister is 11 years older than me so she was the perfect age for mini skirts and Mary Quant fashions, I was so jealous and desperate to grow up. I can’t think of any books which I’m pining for, but now I love 1970s fashion and home design books – my era.


    1. My parents were young adults in the late sixties/early seventies so they probably influenced my affinity for the era. But I prefer the early sixties – love the fashion, music and movies. Did your sister do the hippie thing too?


  2. Such an interesting book! And I am happy to see that I am not the only one who developed such a kinship with a particular book as a youth. One of my favorite books from early childhood was a Little Golden Book called “Little Mommy.” I own a tattered, vintage copy. But I noticed recently that it has been reprinted with a new cover. And I sometimes irk to think that I was so attached to such a stereotypical, sexist book. But it still holds fond memories for me.


    1. I love the Little Golden Books, but I’ve never seen ‘Little Mommy’. Funny that it was reprinted! I adored Barbies when I was a kid, though I see now how icky they are – if I had kids I’m not sure I’d let them own the things. But we like what we like when we’re little and still nostalgic about it all.


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