Things That Cheer Me Up: Pink!

When life is stressful or isn’t going my way it helps me to notice the small things, to count my blessings, to find pleasure in simple joys. Phoenix isn’t the prettiest place in terms of greenery or flowers, but things can get showy this time of year and bright colors abound. As I’ve driven around town this week I’ve noticed all the gorgeous pink blossoms and have perked up each time I see them. Can you really continue to grump when looking at lovely flowers? I know I can’t so I’m grateful to have them! Below is a selection of pink I’ve met during the week:





What’s cheered you up this week?


18 thoughts on “Things That Cheer Me Up: Pink!

  1. Those are gorgeous! Are the top ones crepe myrtles? Our spring flowers don’t last too long around here, so I always try to appreciate them in bloom. This has been a long week at work, I’m so thankful it’s over. Friday afternoon from about 3.30 on always cheers me up – and then the relaxed Friday evening (you may have to work tomorrow, so this might not be cheering you up!) And I have a library book to pick up tomorrow – I’ve been looking forward to it all week.


    1. I don’t know if it’s crepe myrtle – I am terrible at identifying plants and flowers! I’ll see if I can find out.
      I did have to work today (and tomorrow too) but I can appreciate that wonderful Friday afternoon feeling. I’ll feel that on Thursday afternoon this week when I am approaching a three-day weekend. I hope you are having a lovely break.


  2. I’ve been cheered up by beautiful weather this week — rare for Louisiana in May! Sadly my favorite flowers, azaleas, which are a glory of pink when they’re in bloom, have just about finished up their season. Alas! I miss them.


    1. What is weather usually like in Louisiana in May? Hot? I’ve spent time in Monroe, LA and wow the humidity killed me! Azaleas are so beautiful – sad that they have to go.


      1. Very, very, very hot usually. Why were you in Monroe? Was it okay there? I haven’t spent much time in North Louisiana, but my assumption tends to be that it’s not as awesome as South Louisiana: all the heat and humidity is the same, but not as much amazing food and culture to be enjoyed.


      2. I lived in Southeast Arkansas for a couple of years and Monroe was the biggest town near to me. I’d go there to shop and go to restaurants. I didn’t get much of a flavor of the city since I only really saw the mall and other stores like Target, but I thought it was nice. Hot, though, and ickily humid!


  3. piningforthewest

    Those are very vibrant pinks, our spring pinks are mainly cherry blossom which is more of a baby pink. The sunshine perks me up, even if it’s still cold. I’m so glad you found something to cheer you up, and thanks for sharing your lovely photos.


    1. I love cherry blossoms! I wish we had them here. I’m glad you are getting some sun and I hope it warms up a bit for you. We already hit 100 – blech.


  4. I’m with you! Flowers cheer me up. I just got back from New York and the city looked so pretty because of tulips everywhere and the trees in blossom. Nature has that power! Such lovely photos. Your city looks beautiful!


  5. So pretty! I agree with you – it’s very hard to feel down when the flowers are out. They help a lot. Similar to flowers, our chili seeds have started to sprout and this has made me cheerful (partly because we worried we’d over-watered them…)


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