Recent Arrivals

I am having a devil of a time writing about books these days. As soon as I sit down at the computer to write about a book I’ve finished my mouth goes dry and my mind goes blank. Is there such a thing as blogging anxiety? I can’t seem to find a way around this, so, instead of posting about any of the books I’ve read in March I’m going to share my recent book purchases with you.

March Arrivals

Journey by Moonlight by Antal Szerb – EmilyBooks has quickly become one of my favorite blogs. Emily’s enthusiasm, humor and insight really inspire me to try books that I normally wouldn’t think of reading especially lots of translated fiction. She is so good at selling books and everything she writes about appeals to me. That is a gift. She is the reason I started reading The Leopard (which I will finish soon) and the reason I bought Journey by Moonlight, which sounds simply amazing.

The Smiles of Rome edited by Susan Cahill and The Villa Diana by Alan Moorehead – I bought these two books when I was planning my trip to Italy (which is back on, by the way. I know.) They were random purchases from suggestions on Amazon, but I think they’ll both be pretty good books to get me in the mood for Italia.

A World of Love, The Heat of the Day and The Last September by Elizabeth Bowen – I still haven’t finished The House in Paris, but I know that I will want to read more by Elizabeth Bowen when I do. Her writing is special – that’s the only word I can use. She is so good at describing those indescribable feelings and emotions that we all have and her confident prose is invigorating.

Kindred by Octavia Butler – My book group is discussing this in April and I think it will lead to a brilliant discussion. I’ve read one other book by Butler (The Parable of the Sower) and liked it so I am looking forward to reading her most well-known book.

The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey – This is the May choice for my book group. It’s a bit of a different read for us, but one I am excited about.

What have you purchased lately?

15 thoughts on “Recent Arrivals

    1. Going to Italy again! My friend convinced me to go – she made a great argument and I couldn’t turn it down. And I was able to negotiate with my boss to take a couple of weeks off in June so it is all going to work out.


  1. Don’t you have an Eric Newby book as well, the one on the Mediterranean – or was that a library book?

    I love The Daughter of Time, there are two American characters that crack me up. But I am not a convinced Richard III supporter, even after reading it so many times.


    1. The Eric Newby is a library book and one that I need to check out again.
      I don’t know very much about Richard III aside from the basics so I wonder if I’ll be convinced or not? We shall see!


    1. We have some very rational and practical people in the group, but it could go either way. What a fun discussion that will be. We are so more easily open minded when we’re 11!


  2. I have a copy of Kindred which I’m hoping to read soon too. I’ve never read anything by Octavia E. Butler before and I’m looking forward to it. The Daughter of Time should be a great book club choice! I enjoyed it, though I was already pro-Richard before I started it, so didn’t need too much convincing.


    1. Now I am really looking forward to reading The Daughter of Time for May. It should be interesting to see what everyone thinks and it will be fun doing a bit of research to take along to the discussion.


  3. I haven’t purchased any new books recently because I have such a big pile of books waiting to be read. But right now I am completely engrossed in “Middlemarch” and it’s about time since I have wanted to read it forever! Love, love, love Elizabeth Bowen. And you are inspiring me with these titles. My most recently read Bowen book by was “To the North.” It was brilliant, I thought. Happy reading. And yes, that writer’s block can be pretty powerful. Sometimes I take a walk to sort out my thoughts. And then, the blog may appear. I quickly get myself back home and write it down. Have a lovely day!
    xx Sunday


    1. When I think of Rome I think of Casaubon and Dorothea’s honeymoon there and then I remember that I only ever finished half of Middlemarch and must finish it someday! It is a really remarkable book.
      I love your idea of taking a walk to sort out your thoughts – something I will keep in mind when I hit the wall next time.


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