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Last week I finished reading four books in five days. I seem to go through these phases of reading very intensely for a week or so and then barely reading at all for the next week. At the moment I am reading The Submission by Amy Waldman for my book club and I like it, but it is a bit plodding and not the type of book you devour in a day or two. I’ve only read about 5 pages a day this entire week and have spent more of my leisure time watching TV shows and browsing the Internet. I’d better get a move on with The Submission, though, so that I can finish it before the book club meeting.

I recently decided to only read one book at a time, which hasn’t been my reading style for many years now. I usually have several books in progress at the same time and am comfortable with this, but I realized that if I focus on one book at a time I will finish more books and read a lot faster. I’m hoping my switch to the one book at a time style will mean less half-finished books and more time to read all of the books I have stockpiled on my nightstand and Nook. So far this new strategy is paying off.

eleanorOne of the books I finished in the past few weeks was Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. This young adult romance has been very highly reviewed and has reaped a passionate response from teens and adults alike. I thought it was a really sweet and realistic portrayal of first love with main characters who did not fit the usual teen romance profile. At times it was perhaps too sappy for my taste, but Rowell keeps it just awkward and stumbling enough to save it from veering into cliche. There is also a lot of humor and geekiness that is appealing and swept me right back into my own early adolescence (it is set in 1986). In all, it is a superior young adult novel.

It is Labor Day weekend here in the States, but not really for me. I am working both Saturday and Sunday so no long weekend for reading, but I have a vacation coming up soon so I don’t mind. I do still get Monday off so that is a treat. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

*Have you heard about the new Library Reads program? It is a joint venture between librarians and publishers to promote new books recommended by library workers each month in libraries around America. Their very first LibraryReads list has recently been released. Check out their website to discover the books librarians love!*

16 thoughts on “Reading Notes

  1. I’m sorry that you don’t get a long weekend! I saw somewhere, maybe on Twitter, that 40% of Americans have to work this weekend.

    I’m on the long library list for Eleanor & Park – it sounded intriguing. I have no fond nostalgic memories of high school at all, so I don’t usually look for books about that experience.

    I’ll have to check out Library Reads. The public library sends out e-newsletters each month with book recommendations, and I’ve found some wonderful books through them.


    1. I don’t have fond memories of high school either, but I do have fond memories of ’80’s music,movies and TV shows. It is not very pervasive in E & P, though – it won’t make you hate thinking about those years!

      The weekend was not bad. Really, how bad can it be to be stuck in the library? (So I try to tell myself 🙂


    1. I suppose it just depends on what your brain can handle at different times in your life. As I get older I find it harder to switch back and forth between books without losing interest.


  2. I’ve been devouring books recently, they’re stress busters for me! I have such a backlog to write about. I prefer to read one book at a time, but sometimes read one fiction and non-fiction at the same time.
    I love that cactus, Opuntia? Have a lovely relaxing Monday!


    1. I think I can do one fiction and one non-fiction – it wouldn’t be as hard on my brain!

      Yes, the cactus is Opuntia, though I had to look that up. I’ve only ever known it as a Prickly Pear.


  3. I’m glad the new reading strategy is working for you. After I finish the books I’m currently in the middle of, I’m planning to try concentrating on one at a time too – though like Katrina, I don’t have a problem reading two if one is fiction and the other non-fiction.


  4. I’m so pleased to hear you’ve been reading so much recently. It is interesting to hear that you’ve found you read more with only one book on the go. I always used to be a one book at a time girl but found I now read more when I have a selection of books on the go. However I must admit I still work best with just one novel the others book will most likely be non-fiction and short story collections.


    1. I will probably revert back to my old way of reading after a while, but for now I love only reading one book at a time. I feel like I am honoring the book better by not sharing my attention with others.


  5. I read like that as well, I’ve had moments where I’ve read four books in a weekend and then nothing for three weeks. I think it depends on how easy you can fall into the story, like you’ve said about your book club book it’s good, but plodding, so not as easy to be consumed by.

    Hope you’re enjoying your day off.


    1. I am now in a bit of a reading slump. I haven’t been able to concentrate on my current book so I am taking a little break. I’m sure next week I’ll be ripping through my list again …. I hope.


  6. In the past year I’ve actually done the reverse and started “allowing” myself to read more than one book at a time, but I’ve tended to limit it to to, one that I keep at home and one that I carry around in my bag or keep at work to read during lunch breaks.


  7. I go through that sort of phasing, too. Unfortunately I find those times when I read lots to be much less than when I don’t read so much 😦 Interesting to hear about you going back to reading one book. From moving to two books a couple of years ago, I’m thinking of changing back for the same reasons you have. Somehow it’s easiest to let reading slip when you’ve got to split your attention.


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