Recent Arrivals

I’ve received a few treats in the mail lately, some really exciting books that I’m so happy to add to my library.

A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel – I’ve seen lots of positive posts on this in the blogosphere and since I love Wolf Hall, I thought I would give it a try. I didn’t realize it was so chunky (748 pp.!)

Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell – I’ve still never finished a book by Elizabeth Gaskell, but 2013 will be the year I do.

City of the Mind by Penelope Lively – I’m not really sure why I bought this. It popped up on my Amazon page and was on sale so I think I thought , ‘Why not?’ Has anyone read it?

Brightness by Elizabeth Jenkins – I loved The Tortoise and the Hare so much that I want to read another novel by Jenkins. They are surprisingly hard to find; this copy of Brightness is from 1964 and is slightly battered, but I was so happy to get it.

Crampton Hodnet & A Few Green Leaves by Barbara Pym – A couple of novels from one of my new favorite authors. I have a goal to read all of her books – I think I have 6 to go.

The Oaken Heart by Margery Allingham – Lisa wrote about this back in the spring and I really became enchanted with it. Copies are a bit more than I really like to pay for books, but it has stuck in my mind all this time so I finally decided to buy it. I’m really looking forward to this one!

The Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart – I want to read all of Stewart’s novels, too, and this is the latest addition to my growing collection.

What treats have you received lately?

26 thoughts on “Recent Arrivals

  1. City of the Mind was the first of Penelope Lively’s books that I read, and it’s one of my absolute favorites – and also my favorite book about London. I hope you enjoy it!

    I was just reading a post about a Barbara Pym reading week next June, for the centennial of her birth, and I immediately thought of you. It’s posted over on Thomas’s My Porch ( – sorry, I don’t know how to do the tiny URLs.


    1. Thank you for the link to My Porch and the Barbara Pym reading week! I immediately clicked over and commented – I think it is wonderful that a whole week will be devoted to her novels.

      I like Penelope Lively, too, but I haven’t read any of her novels for several years. I’m so glad you liked City of the Mind – it makes me more eager to read it.


  2. I was planning to read Wives and Daughters this year but never got round to it, so I’m hoping to read that one in 2013 too. A Place of Greater Safety is also on my list after loving Wolf Hall so much!


    1. I’ve heard Wives and Daughters is the most enjoyable Gaskell so I am hopeful that I will be able to finally finish one of her novels. I’ve started and abandoned both North & South and The Cranford Chronicles!


  3. I want to read City of the Mind, I do like Lively. I enjoyed The Ivy Tree and I know what you mean about The Oaken Heart, I might just have to bite the bullet and stump up for it because it isn’t popping up in any second-hand bookshops I frequent. I’ve just finished Bring Up the Bodies and I enjoyed it even more than Wolf Hall.


  4. Ooh, I really liked Brightness but that cover is far more attractive than the one I borrowed from the library! Look forward to seeing what you make of it. 🙂


  5. I love how you structure these posts! I must admit I know nothing of Hilary Mantel besides Wolf Hall but the cover of A Greater Place of Safety is so appealing. Penelope Lively is on my list for some time in the future.


  6. I haven’t bought any physical books for a while, but as you know I have downloaded lots of books for my kindle! I haven’t read anything by Elizabeth Gaskell I am looking forward to your thoughts as I have a few of her novels on my Classics Club list.


  7. Love that edition of Wives and Daughters. And thinking about it, I’ve never actually read anything by Gaskell – a trip to the bookshop might be in order!


  8. I love when you do these posts even though they always make me very jealous 🙂 I loved Wives and Daughters, so I’ll be interested in hearing what you think about it (there’s a good BBC miniseries adaptation from quite a few years back, too). I think I’ll be making it a priority to read Wolf Hall soon. The thought of it didn’t grab me when it first came out, but I’ve since heard so many good things about Hilary Mantel that now I’m dying to read it.


  9. I just started reading Crampton Hodnet and I’m really enjoying it — I’ve only read one other Barbara Pym and it’s been too long in between. So glad that Thomas at My Porch inspired me to take one off the TBR shelf!


  10. I love that cover of A Place of Greater Safety! Its really different tot he one we have here. Also its my favourite Hilary Mantel so I hope you enjoy it – I think I might re-read it next year 🙂


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