Finally – a Vacation!


Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in the White Mountains of Arizona {Click on photo for source}.

It has been a long, hot, busy summer and I am ready for a break from the library and from my regular routine. I work tomorrow and then I am off for 13 glorious days – in a row! I haven’t had that much time off the entire eight years I’ve worked for my current library system so I am ecstatic. I’m going to spend the first week up in the White Mountains of Arizona. I hope to visit many of the small towns near Springerville, where my grandparents live, and to spend some time at the lake just reading and basking in the beautiful weather and sunshine of the mountains. The second week I’ll be back in town. My mom is having surgery so I’ll be helping care for her in between visiting my favorite thrift shops and eating at some of my favorite restaurants.

I’ve thought a lot about what books I’ll be taking up to Springerville. I’m driving up so I can take as many as I want, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I think I’ve narrowed it down to these:

A Far Cry From Kensington by Muriel Spark – The many wonderful reviews of this during Muriel Spark Reading Week convinced me that I need to read it too.

City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte – I just received this advance copy from Penguin and am intrigued and amused by the premise. It sounds like a good vacation book.

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell – You may have noticed that I quietly failed to complete the North and South Readalong I joined in August. It happens. I do still want to read this, though, so hope to make progress during the next couple of weeks.

The Shooting Party by Isabel Colegate – I loved Sunday’s post at Ciao Domenica about this novel and vowed I would read it one day. That day is here.

This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart – My Mary Stewart mania continues.

Have you read any of these novels? What should I start first?

I am going to take next week off from blogging as I don’t know how often I’ll be able to get on the Internet. I will probably post some photos of my adventures on Twitter and Instagram from my phone, though, if you want to follow me there.



Have a great week friends! I really appreciate you reading and commenting and have so enjoyed getting to know you all. You are really a bright spot in my life. Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Finally – a Vacation!

  1. Have a great holiday, you deserve it! I hope your mum’s surgery goes well. I think I would keep the Mary Stewart book for when you’re helping to look after her as you know it’ll be a bit of a treat for you. I did read The Shooting Party, but so long ago, I’m sure I enjoyed it though!


    1. Good idea to keep the Mary Stewart for when I’m care taking! My mom is having knee replacement surgery which she has needed for quite a while so I am happy for her. However, surgery is always scary!


  2. Anbolyn, have a wonderful vacation! You certainly deserve it. And you reading choices look great! Please let me know what you think about The Shooting Party. I think you will like it. I think you will also enjoy the Muriel Spark. I read it several years ago and really liked it. Have a great time, soak in a lot of fresh air and sunshine, and I hope your mother does well with her surgery.


    1. I’ve already started The Shooting Party – couldn’t wait – and have been drinking it in. It is so my kind of book. Thanks for the well wishes regarding my mom.


  3. Have a great time! I can really relate to the idea of living a driving vacation so you can bring as many books as you want! I’m interested to hear what you think of The Shooting Party, which was one of my recent book sale finds when I was on vacation.


  4. That’s a part of Arizona I’ve never seen!

    I always choose books for a trip long before I start packing clothes or anything else. I hope you have a wonderful break – I’m a little envious of thirteen whole days off, I don’t know that I’ve ever managed that. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you & your mom with her surgery.


    1. Arizona is so diverse – I love it! And, yeah, I haven’t packed a stitch of clothing yet, but my books are all set to go.
      Thanks for your good thoughts for my mom.


  5. I do hope that you enjoy your break, and that everything goes well for your mother. I’d lean towards starting North and South early, as I love it, and because it would work well over a longer period with other books interspersed if you’re that way inclined.


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