Classics Challenge {July}

I’ve been very naughty this month and haven’t read my current Classics Challenge book, A Voyage Out, for even one minute. So I was really happy to see that for this month’s challenge I can talk about any of the books I’ve completed for the challenge this year! Which is only two, but still!  Here is the prompt for the challenge:

“What is a moment, quote, or character that you feel will stay with you? Years from now, when some of the details have faded, that lasting impression the book has left you with… what is it? –or why did it fail to leave an impression?”

Great Expectations is a book that will always stay with me because it was the first Dickens that I’d read in many years and it was thoroughly entertaining  and surprisingly moving. I love the character of Joe Gargery – his simple trust, kind heart and enduring patience with and concern for Pip are truly admirable. I love the scene when Pip awakens from his illness and finds Joe at his bedside ready to forgive and forget the neglect and ingratitude that Pip has heaped upon him.

And who can ever forget an encounter with Miss Havisham? She is possibly one of the most fascinating characters in all of fiction.  The crumbling, moldy, decaying Satis House where Miss Havisham reigns over Estella and plays so thoughtlessly with Pip’s emotions will forever be imprinted on my mind.

I am mostly failing at my challenges this year, but I am, nonetheless,  so very grateful for the Classics Challenge if only because it spurred me to finally read Great Expectations.

Have you read a classic this year that will stay with you forever?


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5 thoughts on “Classics Challenge {July}

  1. I didn’t post about it for the challenge, but The Pilgrim’s Progress is still very much in my mind – of course, that’s partly because I’d reading Vanity Fair and Thackery keeps referring back to one section of it.


    1. I’m currently reading Little Women (you inspired me!) and thought of your recent post on The Pilgrim’s Progress all through the first half of the book. It seems that it really influenced a lot of writers.


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