Have You Heard About RLRW?

What are you doing in July? Can you make time to read a truly wonderful author, an author who once said “some contemporary novels are apt to be dull, because the concept of guilt about moral lapses doesn’t exist any more. How can you write an interesting novel when there are no secrets, and nothing is sacred?” That sounds like my kind of author – does it sound like your kind of author?

If so, please join Florence at Miss Darcy’s Library for Rosamond Lehmann Reading Week taking place this 23 – 29 of July. Last year, I read Invitation to the Waltz and loved its peek into the life of a curious, adolescent girl growing up just after World War I. This year I plan to read A Note in Music.

For more information about the author and a list of her novels see Florence’s introductory post here. I hope you can participate!

7 thoughts on “Have You Heard About RLRW?

  1. One of the real joys of blogging is the introduction to new authors. This isn’t an author I know anything about, though I recognize the name – nor do I ever remember seeing her books.


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