The Moonspinners by Mary Stewart

Well, I’m just moving right along with Mary Stewart. The Moonspinners is the fourth novel I’ve read by her since December and I think it just might be my favorite so far. It is set in Greece and it is fast-paced, sexy, and suspenseful.

Nicola Ferris works for the British Embassy in Athens. It’s Easter time and she makes plans to meet her cousin Frances on Crete in a secluded, non-touristy part of the island. Arriving early, Nicola decides to explore the island on her own before heading into town. While eating her lunch in the mountains near a peaceful waterfall she stumbles into a murderous plot involving a fellow Englishman and his Greek guide. Mark is handsome and intriguing, but he is also suffering from a gun shot and worried for his brother who was kidnapped by unknown assailants. Nicola helps Mark hideout until she must go into town to meet her cousin. Nicola then confides in Frances and they join forces to discover who shot Mark, who kidnapped his brother and why.

Like Thunder on the Right, The Moonspinners has a thrilling, very physically grueling ending with Nicola dodging capture and trying to protect her new found friends. Nicola is a daring and energetic character, immensely sympathetic and adventurous. Her cousin, Frances, is wryly humorous and one of those amiable unmarried ladies.

The Moonspinners is quite stylish so I am not surprised that it was made into a movie starring Hayley Mills back in 1964, which sounds extremely different from the book. Has anyone read the book or seen the film?

Despite my huge TBR stack I’m going to continue with my Mary Stewart kick and next up is Stormy Petrel.

10 thoughts on “The Moonspinners by Mary Stewart

  1. I’ve read The Moonspinners (I even love the title) and seen the film I’m sure, but so long ago I can’t compare them. I read Stormy Petrel more recently and enjoyed it, it’s set on an island again but this time it’s in Scotland. I’ve just finished The Song of Achilles, thanks for pointing me in its direction!


    1. I’m enjoying Stormy Petrel also – I like the isolated, island setting.
      I’m going to pop over to Pining and read your thoughts on Song of Achilles right now!


  2. I’ve read Stewart’s Merlin books years ago and loved them all, but I only recently discovered her more “modern” stuff. I read The Ivy Tree last year and thought it was good fun, and I was thinking of trying this one next. I’ve also heard good things about Nine Coaches Waiting and That Rough Magic.


    1. Good fun is exactly the perfect way to describe Stewart’s novels – I love it! I just bought a copy of This Rough Magic and hope to get to it soon. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. I love Stewart because her books are easy, fun reads with good writing and amazing settings. She’s a good author to read when you want something uncomplicated and adventurous!


  3. I was conveniently in between books when I read this post. I couldn’t find a free downloadable Moonspinner, (I’m all about instant gratification these days) but I did find The Stormy Petrel, and Rose Cottage. I liked them both. They were fun quick reads. I wish there was a little more development of the romance in both of them though. I am in the middle of The Crystal Cave now. I like Merlin so far, I am anticipating how Arthur and the legends will play out in this book.


    1. I’m glad you liked her, Marie! From what I’ve read so far of Stewart, I don’t think she really does develop her romances – they are kind of a side feature.


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