A Few Books I Especially Enjoyed in 2011 – You Might Like Them, Too

Looking back over the books I read this past year I can’t help but feel disappointed. I didn’t read as much as I wanted to (only 38 books) and I didn’t read as many classics as I wanted to. However, I did find some true gems, books I loved and enthusiastically recommend. Here they are:

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton –“I’d seen the movie and also read many reviews of this classic Pulitzer Prize winning novel. What I was unprepared for was the depth of emotion and strong mixture of reactions that Wharton’s complex tale provoked in me.”

Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones – “I adored this novel. I experienced an intense emotional connection to the characters and to the story. It is my favorite kind of book – one that will leave a lasting impression.”

When She Woke by Hillary Jordan – “This is a really good book. It has complex characters, a suspenseful plot and presents a vision of a scary future that I hope never comes to pass, but that makes you think about how fear and uncertainty can lead to harsh governmental control. “

Thornyhold by Mary Stewart – “Reading this novel was like snuggling down into a soft, warm bed in your own familiar room – completely comfortable and satisfying. I think I have found an author who will stay with me.”

Snowdrops by A.D. Miller – “There is so much to ponder in Snowdrops. It’s a powerful book for having  a relatively action-less, slow moving plot.”

The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths – “This is an engrossing, solid mystery. I’m taken with both Ruth and DCI Nelson and will continue to read the series if only to see where their relationship ends up.”

Now on to 2012! What do I hope for the new year? I hope to read more, read primarily classics, keep my blog going strong and to stick to the challenges I’m joining. In addition to the Classics Challenge I am joining the Victorian Challenge hosted by Laura’s Reviews. These are the books I want to read for the challenge:

*Jane Eyre

*Vanity Fair

*Lady Audley’s Secret

*North and South

*The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

*The Return of the Native

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and best reading wishes for 2012!

14 thoughts on “A Few Books I Especially Enjoyed in 2011 – You Might Like Them, Too

  1. Most of the books on your list are new to me (I remember your posts, but I haven’t read any of the books) – so I’ll have some to explore, after the TBR challenge ends. I really feel the call of the Victorian challenge, but I’m a little wary of signing up for too many at once. Though I do love Victorian lit & have enough on the TBR shelves to take me through most of the year…


    1. I was very wary of signing up for the Victorian challenge also because I’ve been notoriously horrid at finishing challenges, but I really need a focused plan to start the year and I think the challenges will help me. Happy 2012!


  2. Happy New Year! I haven’t read any of the books on your list but am definitely interested in reading Thornyhold and The Age of Innocence. Good luck with the Victorian challenge. I’m planning to read The Return of the Native too – and possibly Vanity Fair.


    1. I am really looking forward to The Return of the Native as I so admire the Hardy novels I have read. Vanity Fair, however, scares me, but I am going to give it a go anyway! Best wishes for 2012!


  3. North and South was one of my favorite reads this year–I hope you’ll like it too! I also loved Lady Audley’s Secret–what fun! Even if you didn’t read as much as you wanted it sounds as though you read some great books–I love Mary Stewart and must look for Thornyhold and I’d like to read more of Elly Griffiths, too. Happy New Year and happy reading in 2012!


    1. I am hopeful that I’ll love North and South – I’ve heard such great things about it. And Lady Audley’s Secret sounds like a trip. All the best for 2012!


  4. I think 38 books is good considering you’re working hard too. I’ve read all of the ones for the Victorian challenge and particulary liked Lady Audley’s Secret and Vanity Fair. Happy New Year. I hope 2012 is a great year for you.


  5. I really want to read The Age of Innocence this year (Ethan Frome is one of my all-time favourites) and I loved The Crossing Places too.

    Can’t wait to read your vic lit reviews.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2012 🙂


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