It’s Time to Read the Classics

I’ve decided to jump on the Classics Challenge bandwagon, this one hosted by Katherine at November’s Autumn. This is a different type of challenge – the guidelines are here – but basically you post on the 4th of every month about the current classic you’re reading or that you’ve recently finished. My goal is to read classics that I’ve downloaded to my Kindle and that have been sitting, taking up precious storage space, since I transferred them. They were all free, but I still feel guilty for not having read them for so long. The following are some of the classics I’ve had on my Kindle for the longest. Has anyone read any of these? Love them? Hate them?

One. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Two. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Three. Howard’s End by E.M. Forster

Four. The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf

Five. Macaria by Augusta Jane Evans Wilson

Six. Ann Veronica by H.G. Wells

Seven. The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West

20 thoughts on “It’s Time to Read the Classics

  1. It’s weird, this post showed up in my Google reader two days ago – I was starting to wonder if it had the Second Sight 🙂 From your list, I’ve read & enjoyed Great Expectations. I know I’ve read Howards End, but the only reason I could tell you anything about it is because I came across the film version on TV a few weeks ago. And I’ve started Anna Karenina at least four times and never yet managed to finish it. I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of Augusta Jane Evans Wilson – I’m off to see what I can find.


    1. Haha! Sorry about tricking you – I accidentally posted it before it was ready! I am a little intimidated by Anna Karenina, but I am determined to read it as so many friends have raved about it to me and are shocked that I’ve never finished it!
      I heard about August Jane Evans Wilson in Elaine Showalter’s amazing book ‘A Jury of Her Peers’ and was intrigued enough to track down an electronic version of Macaria. I hope it is worth it.


  2. Great Expectatipons and Howards End are both wonderful! As for Anna Karenina, I am part of the group who started it and never made it to the end, though like you, I feel I must make an effort to read it. I’ve heard about Ann Veronica and am curious to know what you think!


  3. I loved Great Expecations, and Howards End was really good too. I had a hard time with Anna Karenina, but many people love it, so I hope you do too. I think I’ve heard good things about Rebecca West but I haven’t actually read her myself.

    I’m working on this meme myself, I have so many unread books on the TBR shelf it’s hard to narrow the list down! I may just choose seven authors and be flexible with the actual titles.


    1. That’s a good idea, Karen, about just choosing authors. I’m afraid I might have to be flexible with my list also because I never force myself to read anything and if I hate something I’ve chosen I will pick something else.
      I look forward to seeing what you choose!


  4. FleurFisher

    I’m so glad you will be doing this too. I read The Return of the Soldier years ago, and it is extraordinary. Not to mention short, which will maybe help to balance Anna K!

    Ann Veronica is sitting unread in my bookcase. I’ve read mixed reports, but i have always found Wells very readable.


  5. I’m very tempted to join this challenge as I am trying to read more classics. I’ve been enjoying seeing which books everyone is choosing and may have to contemplate a list myself. I’ve read Return of the Soldier twice and think it’s well done–certainly an interesting look at the war. I’ve wanted to read Ann Veronica for ages, but I never seem to get around to it. I like some of Wells books, but am uncertain about this one for the reason you mention in a comment above. And I love EM Forster! Enjoy your books!


  6. Thank you, Danielle! It seems that The Return of the Soldier is generally well-liked so I am looking forward to that one. And I like E.M. Forster also and am sure Howard’s End will be a hit with me.


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