My Paris

It’s July and we’re in Paris! Today starts the Paris in July event co-hosted by Karen at BookBath and Tamara at Thyme for Tea. I’ve never been to the real City of Lights, but am delighted to take this virtual trip throughout the month of July. Over on my sidebar under the ‘Forthcoming’ header (the first 3 items)  you can see the books I plan to read for the event. I’m not a fast reader so I’ve just listed a few and, hopefully, I’ll be able to relish the four books (I’m reading Enough About Love now) I’ve planned to read this month.

My ideas of Paris all seem to revolve around film and fashion. I fell in love with classic movies as a teen and watched many films set in Paris, mostly the Paris of the ’50’s and ’60’s. Around the same time I took out a subscription to Vogue and through its pages Paris was solidified in my mind as the center of stylishness. I’m no longer much of a movie watcher and I canceled my Vogue subscription years ago, but these two influences have colored my view of Paris forever.

One classic film in particular always comes to mind when I think of Paris. It’s not a French film, but a 1957 George Gershwin musical starring Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire and Kay Thompson – Funny Face. In the film, Audrey Hepburn’s character Jo is a mousy, serious bookstore clerk until she is discovered by Fred Astaire’s photographer character and whisked away by him (and an imperious magazine editor) to Paris to model an exquisite wardrobe designed by Givenchy. It is a truly enjoyable and strikingly memorable film. Perfect to watch this month!

What says ‘Paris’ to you?

12 thoughts on “My Paris

  1. I really want to see Funny Face so thank you so much for posting the trailer to it. I want to see it even more….
    I loved reading about your thoughts on Paris – especially Vogue. Am currently mulling over what ‘says Paris to me’.


  2. I love how you conjour up Paris – I think any Audrey Hepburn movie makes me think of the city! I agree with you about the fashion – looking through glossy magazines (especially Vogue) always makes me think of Paris. I have only visited once but I plan to go back again…


    1. How wonderful that you’ve been able to visit Paris! Thanks for hosting Paris in July – it is really nice to branch out of my usual fare and try something different.


  3. I have the film in an Audrey Hepburn set and I often re-watch them. I went to Paris a few years ago but for some reason ‘style’ was thin on the ground, only one well-dressed woman! I’m still glad I went though, hope you get there sometime!


  4. Funny Face sounds wonderful. I’ll be checking my library to see if they have it. I have very little knowledge of Paris or France in general, but I’m taking advantage of July in Paris to learn something new. Hope you enjoy your “travels”.


  5. My favorite movies about Paris are Amelie and An American in Paris. I haven’t watched either of them for awhile so maybe it’s time for another viewing!

    I was lucky enough to visit Paris in 2007 and I’ll never forget it — I wish I could go back! I have a big stack of French books and books about France, so that will have to do for now. And I’ve requested a stack of French movies from my library. Le sigh.


    1. Those are both great films! I’ll be looking forward to your Paris in July coverage – I’ve checked out some French movies from my library also. I think I’ll watch Coco Before Chanel first.


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