Sunday Home Cooking

Ever since a co-worker brought a luscious pot of spicy pinto beans to a work potluck I’ve been craving them and wanting to make my own. Today I finally had a large chunk of time at home to monitor the 3 hours of cooking these beans need.

I used the ingredients that above co-worker adds to her beans:

Cilantro, garlic, white onion, roma tomatoes, and serrano peppers, plus salt and pepper to taste

I was very pleased with the way they turned out – not quite as good as co-worker’s, but I will perfect them! I plan to make another pot next weekend. They are the perfect lunch, dinner, even breakfast! I didn’t have tortillas at home so I ate them with with some garlic naan I had on hand. A wonderful mixing of cultures – delicious!

After this picture was taken I did add a dollop of sour cream and some shredded cheese to the top that gave the beans a tang and saltiness that made them that much better.

What did you make this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Home Cooking

  1. Looks good! I had to look up cilantro – coriander leaves, not my favourite herb. I could use parsley instead, which I love, as well as sour cream and cheese.
    I was very boring and cooked Sunday dinner – rolled roast shoulder of lamb with all the usual trimmings, very easy bung it in the oven cooking!


  2. I forget that cilantro is also called coriander -I love it! It is used a lot in Mexican food here in the southwest US. I’d love to do a roast Sunday dinner, but living alone it feels excessive. I should find a way to do Sunday dinner for one!


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